Thursday, September 18, 2008

VIDEO: Michael Cullen trains for 2012 Olympic hurdles

Michael Cullen should remember, that the hand that takes eventually bites the hand that feeds it.

Watch the good doctor practice for the 2012 London Olympic hurdles.

Mob has Cullen on the run  -Video


Deputy Prime Minister Michael Cullen had to hurry across a paddock and climb a fence in the Far North today when protesters blocked the entrance to a marae where a Treaty settlement was to be signed.

A spokesman for Dr Cullen said the minister was not harmed and was not chased by the small group of protesters at Kareponia Marae.

"He moved pretty quickly," the spokesman said. "The route was blocked, the car went another way and they had to cross a field."

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Lessons could be learned that one probably shouldn't critique the Mongrel Mob just hours before you enter the centre of their universe in Northland.

I guess when you dish out the dirt you have to learn to take it.

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  1. He is running scared over the credit crises too. Looks like a possum in the headlights.


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