Thursday, September 11, 2008

Labour's failed social experiment, South Auckland, erupts: Again

The Labour Government social welfare experiment that is South Auckland has claimed another victim.

This time an innocent cop, shot dead, not just shot but chased and then murdered.

It begs the question why they had to run in the first place, they clearly were not armed but should have been.

Plainclothes police officer chased and shot dead: Police at the scene in Mangere, Auckland, this morning. Photo / NZPA

Police at the scene in Mangere, Auckland, this morning. Photo / NZPA

A plainclothes police officer was disturbed during an operation early this morning, chased in a car and then shot dead. The officer's colleague was also shot and is in hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The two officers were attempting…More


  1. So labour created the shit hole that South Auckland has become. Nothing to do with the urbanisation of Maori and Pacific people as factory fodder by the governments of the 60s and 70s. And of course the rodgernomics of the 80s and the huge growth in unemployment had nothing to do with social and economic deprivation of todays South Auckland.
    Nah, not in your world, eh Darren.

  2. Anon, National didn't help in the 1970s or 90s either-too many welfare handouts- but it has got considerably worse under Labour these last 9 years.

    Too much welfare=social meltdown

    My first vote in 1984 was for Labour so you can thank people like me for the good ideas Douglas introduced-you are welcome.

    A shame Lange lots his balls and had a cup of tea.

    Cheers, Darren


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