Saturday, September 20, 2008

POLL: Fairfax Nielson Poll 20 Sept 2008

A snapshot of the public mood after Helen Clark's election-date announcement shows it would take a huge swing to Labour for her to win a fourth term.

Today's Fairfax Media-Nielsen poll, taken mostly in the days after Miss Clark named a November 8 election, puts National on 52 per cent support, 18 points ahead of Labour.

The poll confirms a trend which has had National sitting above 50 per cent since November - and John Key ahead of Miss Clark as preferred prime minister for almost as long. It is a golden run of support that Labour will find difficult to break as the election date looms.

In announcing the November 8 election, Miss Clark was banking on a long campaign to chip away at her opponent on the key issues of trust and experience.


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  1. I have spoken to heaps of friends that are Labour Party supporters Darren and they are going to vote another party. Predominately National.

    I cant wait to see the back of them.

  2. I hear similar things around the traps and in all sectors of the economic sphere.


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