Thursday, September 25, 2008

Going weak at the knees

Rt Hon Winston Peters 

I was switching between Mark Sainsbury on TV One and John Campbell on TV3-my wife is outa town and she usually watches shorty-so I could watch Winnie in the poo give his latest rendition of the emperor without clothes.

Incidentally, both networks were carrying live interviews at the same time, I know Peters can walk on water but even he cant be at two places at once-or can he? That would explain some of his conflicted behaviour. He actually has a doppelganger!

Anyway back to the interviews.

There was bluster, there was indignation, there were denials, there were lapses in memory, there were attacks on the interviewer and yes there were more lies.

For some reason Campbell's interview got Winston the most riled-to tell you the truth he riles me too, something about the ears-and Salisbury's was calm by comparison.

Skip to the end and wait for if on cue there was that killer smile. On both interviews.

At that point 80 year old ladies all over New Zealand wet themselves with excitement.

Then I thought.

How awful, he just might do it again come Nov 8.

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  1. It is disgraceful to tout footage as being live when it's anything but!
    TV3 were the ones doing it. Hope mediawatch takes them to the cleaners.

  2. I'm kinda losing interest in our major news networks. Im getting a bit tied of the spin and made up news.

    I guess that is why I like to troll through the net and make up my own mind.


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