Monday, September 22, 2008

Labour's 2008 Election Policy

Well Kiwis have seen a tonne of bluff and bluster over the last 9 years from Labour and I think we would like to see what they stand for in the 2008 Election. Unfortunately no 2008 policy has yet been released.

They are attacking the opposition for having none but if you go here on their website you will find policy dating back to 2005 and nothing new to add.

It makes one wonder what secrets they have in store for us, if they get returned after the election.

The National Party has a long list of 2008 Policy listed on their website with more to come as we draw closer to the election.

 Education (2005)

Our commitment is to cut the cost to students of tertiary education. Will focus on quality and standards, support our schools, and make sure all New Zealanders have access to the training and skills they need to succeed today and in the future. more +

ACC (2005)

Labour is committed to ensuring the long-term viability of the scheme it introduced over thirty years ago, and will not return to a system of privatised work place insurance. more +

Disabilities (2005)

Labour is committed to building a nation where disabled people are valued and able to contribute to their maximum capacity. Labour's approach to disability issues will continue to be based on an on going commitment to human rights, partnership and inclusion. more +

Biosecurity (2005)

When Labour became government in 1999, we found the biosecurity of this country in an appalling state. We have moved decisively to address this situation. more +

Health (2005)

Labour is committed to improving the affordability, accessibility and quality of health services for all New Zealanders. We will continue to focus on preventative and primary health care and ensuring communities have access to the health services they need. more +

Immigration (2005)

Labour has refocused the immigration programme to facilitate the entry of those migrants who are best placed to contribute to the New Zealand economy. At the same time, immigration policy must ensure that New Zealand meets its obligations as a good international citizen, without compromising our country's security. more +

Employment Relations (2005)

Labour has restored balance to workplace relations with a series of legislative measures including the Employment Relations Act 2000, and the Holidays Act 2003. more +

Transport (2005)

Labour is committed to developing a sustainable transport system that is safe, affordable, responsive to the needs of users, and which contributes to New Zealand’s economic development, as well as social and environmental goals. more +

Law and Order (2005)

Government has a fundamental responsibility to protect the rights of its citizens, safeguard their security and ensure that the justice system is fair. A safe, secure and just society gives every citizen the opportunity to succeed. more +

Communications (2005)

Labour is committed to New Zealand being a world leader in using information and communications technology (ICT) for economic, social and cultural gain, and to ensuring that all New Zealanders can access the benefits that ICT can bring. more +

Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (2005)

Our international trade and economic strategy is critical to securing prosperity for future generations of New Zealanders. As a small country New Zealand needs to be creative and strategic if it is to have influence on global affairs. more +

Science and Innovation (2005)

Labour believes that we need to make science and innovation the backbone of our economy if we are to be a successful and prosperous society in this new century. more +

Te Ahutahi (2005)

Māori are a valuable partner in the development of New Zealand's nationhood. Labour seeks to encourage dialogue with Maoridom regarding the role of the Treaty of Waitangi, and the rights and responsibilities of the Crown and Māori, and all New Zealanders. more +

Arts and Culture (2005)

Labour’s vision sees the arts, culture and heritage sector making a huge contribution to our nation’s life, and being recognised and valued for its role in defining who and what we are. more +

Defence (2005)

Labour believes that long-term local, regional and global security can best be achieved through working with our friends and allies, jointly and in partnership. more +

Tourism (2005)

Tourism is a major contributor to the New Zealand economy and Labour in government will continue to work in partnership to a secure and sustainable long-term future for the industry. more +

Small Business (2005)

Small and medium enterprises have flourished under Labour and have contributed in excess of one third of the nation's economic output over the last five years. more +

Manifesto 2005

The 2005 Labour Party Manifesto more +

Conservation (2005)

New Zealand’s natural heritage, with our unique plants and animals, makes our country one of the most special places on earth. This heritage and access to it are important to our sense of national identity. more +

Energy (2005)

Labour is committed to a secure, affordable and sustainable energy future. more +

Broadcasting (2005)

Broadcasting has an important role to play in building communities and reflecting cultural identity. Labour will continue to ensure that cultural diversity and identity are celebrated and that we hear and see New Zealand stories and issues through the broadcast media. more +

Fisheries (2005)

Labour’s fisheries policy aims to balance the competing priorities of commercial, recreational, and customary users, and to add sustainable value to our fisheries, while also providing for improved environmental performance. more +

Environment (2005)

Looking after our environment requires well considered, robust initiatives developed with the input of those affected by them. Labour’s approach is based on partnership underpinned by central government leadership. more +

Economic Policy (2005)

Labour’s objective is to increase the sustainable rate of growth of the New Zealand economy, consistent with protecting environmental values and securing an equitable distribution of income and wealth, in order to improve the quality of life of all New Zealanders. more +

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