Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rumour and Innuendo

I am not one to spread rumours, however I will on this occasion because I loath the present administration and it might be a little fun.

This one has circulated around before but this time the news is allot stronger and seems to be based on more than just innuendo.

I have heard through the grapevine that Michael Cullen is looking into rolling Clark as leader.

The reasons given are that Clark's wild pre-election spending bribes have pissed the good Dr off because the Government's financial books are getting harder to balance and they have to be revealed soon.

Even though Clark and Cullen are the best of friends and they share the same socialist ideals of high taxes with the State at the centre of everything, there is one thing that Dr Cullen doesn't like at all.

That is, his books being interfered with.

The rumour, and I must stress it is a rumour, emanates from Wellington political circles and has recently been doing the rounds at prominent Auckland social occasions.

I wonder why mainstream media hasn't got a hold of this yet?

Perhaps Duncan garner for TV3, could have a wee look, he thrives on rumour.

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