Sunday, September 28, 2008

Helen Clark gives good head

A lovely little piece from Ana Samway's Sideswipe, indicating that people would rather have their dogs chew the head off Helen Clark than they would themselves vote for her:

Pete Couchman from Masterpets sheds some light on the popularity of the Helen Clark Election '08 dog toy. "The fact that Helen is selling out may have little to do with popularity. Masterpets' 'Dog-tucker' poll is a reverse poll, where it pays not to be ahead. The old saying of being 'fed to the dogs' is rather poignant when being chewed by dogs up and down the country ... "

The head girl is ahead in the popularity stakes for getting her head-toy head chewed off by 59% of New Zealand's mongrel owners-this is on top of Winston Peters clearly doing the same.

The 59% for Helen Clark's head rating mirrors National's voter support in the Political Animal Blog poll and I am picking the Masterpet poll to be more accurate than some of our official ones, even though there is overwhelming support for the National Party in the majority of them as well.

c Political Animal 2008


  1. fantastic headline Darren, have you decided to join me at the tabloid end of the blogosphere?

  2. Barnsley, while I attempt sometimes to appear like I'm thinking, right at the heart of me lay a Samantha Fox attitude to writing.

  3. Helen Clark is one of the best Prime Ministers we have EVER seen.

    Stop being such a loser, she will get back into power for another 3 years.

  4. Anon, if you are on medication you need to come off it. If you are not you need to get a prescription for some anti-psychotic drugs.


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