Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Knuckle dragging native gets Zimbabwe justice

So poor Winnie is going to be "censured" by Parliament for taking $100,000 from Owen Glenn, not declaring it then lying about it to Parliament, the Privileges Committee and the New Zealand public?

Oh, and the poor boy has to make declarations of donations going back the last 3 years.

Big hairy motherfucking deal!

The banana has now been fully bent and as Peters and his mates quite rightly say, justice in New Zealand has gone the way of Mugabe's Zimbabwe:

Mr Jones and Mr Peters said the committee's actions reflected what happened in Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwe reference in Winnie's case refers to the fact that there will be no consequences for his lying, thieving, cheating ways.

Dale Jones and Peters live in a wonderland world where puppy dogs tails are made of candied gold bullion and cracks in pavements are the portal to another world where black is white, up is down and lies are actually truth and fuck you if you don't live in our world-and never mind that we live in a democracy.

Michael Cullen, a man that doesn't need any hands to wank because he can do it just by talking, said in Parliament today that he couldn't agree with the majority decision in the Privileges Committee because:

"Owen Glenn was an unreliable witness"

Clearly he has ejaculate all over his face by saying that, we know who the unreliable witness is.

Peters has also continued his lies today by repeating his denials that he had done something wrong.

Welcome to the undemocratic republic of Zim Zealand.

Peters censured by Parliament -Video

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