Sunday, September 14, 2008

TV One Colmar Brunton Poll: Sept 14 2008

In the latest TV One Colmar Brunton Poll out this minute the polls are not good for Labour but things have changed.

National is on 53%, and Labour on 35%. The Greens are back over the 5% threshold and Act has crept back into the picture with 2%. The Maori Party is on 1.8% and New Zealand First is at under 2% support.

National would have 66 seats on these numbers and Labour just 43. The Greens would have six MPs and, assuming electorate seats are held, the Maori Party gets four, Act three, United Future and the Progessives one seat each.

More significantly, John Key also leads Helen Clark by 10 points as preferred Prime Minister.

It puts last months polls that gave Labour a closing gap into sharp focus because they failed to show any sort of meaningful long-term trend.

Today's Colmar Brunton Poll continues a steady trend of National leading Labour by 15 points or more for over a year.

It also shows how much Helen Clark's support of Winston Peters has hurt them and NZ First itself.

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  3. I think Labour will catch up as the election gets closer


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