Friday, September 19, 2008

Darkness at the edge of Labour's South Auckland

Further proof that Labour's great social welfare experiment,South Auckland, is crumbling. It seems bizarre given things like this and record crime voters in South Auckland will probably vote Labour back in again:

Private security patrols to boost understaffed police could cost Manukau city ratepayers more than $3 million a year.

A proposal for three teams of five guards "to be deployed across the city on a 24-hour, seven-day basis" is being discussed at today’s policy and activities committee meeting.

Community safety portfolio leader Dick Quax says it’s a response to community pressure for "greater safety measures" in the wake of several high-
profile violent crimes.

Their activities include patrolling town centres on foot or the streets in vehicles, providing a security presence for private and community events, and targeting anti-social behaviour, drunkenness, disorder and drink driving.

The main culprit is of course welfare, years of it, and with manifold increases in payments over the last 9 years there are "no-go" areas in South Auckland where you would want to don some Kevlar before entering.

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  1. It means that police priorities, collecting revenue for IRD are having an impact in the Hood.

  2. Its a festering sore that wont get better until benefits are cut and individuals are made to take responsibility for themselves.

  3. The Act Party have the best solution to this. Time limited welfare.

  4. Rodney and his mates are looking better and better everyday to me.

    Some EXCELLENT policy and genuine thinking from them.


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