Sunday, February 28, 2016

Critics and Wannabes

Chart forFisher & Paykel Healthcare Corp Ltd (FPH.NZ)

Just wanna counter the critics and wannabes, especially the ones you find on the internet.

Your criticism should be ignored.

If you know are doing the right thing for you, it doesn't matter who you have to answer for because the only person you have to satisfy.

Is you.

On that, ill take one instance is writing on this blog and on one particular instance on Fisher and Paykel Healthcare Ltd.

I had followed this stock for YEARS, not months and if you were to take my advice, freely of course because you don't have to take my advice, i'm just freely sharing it with you on these pages, you would have made at least 4 times your money and be in the position you are now with this company of more to come.

That's not including the 60 plus cents in divs.

Looking back i even included my advice AT THE PEAK OF MY CONFUSION AND STRIFE, IN THE MIDDLE OF A STROKE  


At 1.91 today this puppy must be returning about 10%. Looks like another support level to me, if I had the money id be getting in again. Beware that this might jump down again again but also be aware that that this share traded at at 1.86 today. Depends what you want if you get it now you will return you well in the long term, if you think the traders (money) have had their fill get in now,if you don't bide your time.

An Anon Critic:

Come on, FPH is a dead end. Where its gona go and on what basis? Strong yield? How much are you expecting to gain, 10c a share?

So an answer to your critics.

Don't take what you read to heart, if you know you have made the right decision.

Stick with it.

It will pay off.

It has for me.

Addendum : Where are all the commentators now, bet ya they are too scared to put their feelings down on paper less than 4 years latter ?

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Air New Zealand: On the Way Down

Air New Zealand is probably a very good airline.

I can either not afford to fly with them (in New Zealand I have to) and when I can it is some sort of forced codeshare thingy.

Those of you who know this blog well know i'm not a big fan of airlines and I share my fear of investing in them with that famous billionaire Warren Buffett.

I fear the end of the line for Air New Zealand, soon.

What I am saying is the number of news stories, local and international, about airlines expanding into new territories is particularly worrying. GROWING airlines, growing seats, lowering fares, its the only business I know that people(investors)get excited about prices going down - you should be worried.

The Airline has been doing ok for a number of years but this year after oil prices hit the bottom (i'm picking in the mid to high teens) and start rising things will start to move the other way.

The staff labour costs, fees paid to airports, divs to the govt, cost of food, cost of computer systems and long flights proportionately cost more. There are in the air for longer and burn a shit load of fuel.
Passengers just pay for one ticket. Air New Zealand are flying longer flights - along with everyone.

Of course there's hedging. The person in charge of this I would say has the most important job in the airline. What he does now will ultimately affect what happens a few years down the road.

By all accounts Air NZ has a very good one/s.

Be very careful if you are a long term investor. I would avoid this stock at all costs.

If however you are in it for the short term then Bobs your uncle, go for it.

You probably know when to pick it.

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