Friday, October 16, 2020

Mainfreight: $100 dollars and up

Mainfreight just had a recent profit upgrade of 23% this week with a promise of more to come.

When it reached $24 intra-day briefly back in March it pretty much never looked back and has climbed ever since to touch an all-time high of $53.90c.

The big buying was back in Feb by Fisher Funds then again when it plumbed the depths in March. So you must take that on board when considering any purchases of this stock. It has gone up on relatively little stock - one or two million most days with sort of pepper potting of $5-6m of turnover.

But things are a foot. Management is pleased with the results getting new clients and seemingly thriving in this covid period when others have wilted. I would expect nothing else. AND question management if things were to flatten off BUT it hasn't.

So i will make a prediction. I expect to reach that $100 a share mark in around about 5 years with around $6B in revenues.

In between times I expect the stock to come off the boil soon AND that's when to buy. Perhaps next year when we are kinda going to have to face the facts that we - New Zealand Inc - are well and truly ....ed and the markets will start rocking again.

Until then DYOR and careful out there, there is only one of YOU.

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Contact Energy: Up or down from here?

The old chestnut rears its not so ugly head again.

Contact Energy.

I have traded/owned this stock since its was IPO'ed in 1998 at $3.10 - Around about its present NTA.

I have 30,000 shares of this in the portfolio. The majority of which i purchased this year during the depths of this govt-led recession. I have held the balance since 2011.

I have traded this stock up and down from IPO right up to over $10 - yes it was that price in the late noughties up to this year, 2020 when it briefly hit just above $4. It has gone up steadily since then - albeit for a brief couple of months when it lost about a buck overnight when the whole business over Tiwai Point occurred

It has been going up recently - on increased VOL - because it may soon be included in the New Zealand MSCI index. I have no idea whether it has been in the index before.

It MAY be worth a punt from todays close $7.85 on $10.5m worth of shares if you going for a short term thing.

It may even be worth getting for your portfolio as it is currently getting 4.97% net and you don't know what the reaction to covid-19 is going to be from the morons that Govern us.

Contact Energy is one of the safest bets on the market in these troubled times - and every time there is 'troubled times' Contact has been there.

The MSCI index result will be announced on November 11, with re-balancing occurring on November 30.

You dear reader may want to swing on this one.


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