Friday, October 31, 2008

CARTOON: Dumpster Diving

A classic cartoon from Tom Scott.

NEWSFLASH: Clark didnt fall, she was pushed

A fall that Helen Clark took last night was initially thought to be an accidental trip on something left on the floor of the coffee shop in which she tripped in.

Further investigation by the taxpayer funded Labour Party research unit overnight has revealed a different story.

A spokesperson for the research unit B.Sheehite has confirmed rumours that there was a interloper on a grassy knoll just outside of the video frame that captured the Prime Ministers fall/push.

Unconfirmed reports from Mr Sheehite is that an individual with an axe to grind pushed Helen Clark.

Further research has uncovered several possible suspects. 

Owen Glenn is number one on the list, John Key second and possibly any one of an approximate 3 million New Zealanders who are thinking of voting on November 8 2008 are also suspected.

Further research will be undertaken over the next week before the election to root out the actual pusher.

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Quote of the day

Paul Holmes: "...why do you want a forth term?

Helen Clark: "...'cause I dont think my job is done..."

Sky City Grand Political Breakfast, Newstalk ZB ,  7.25 am 31 October 2008

HELEN CLARK FALL VIDEO: Did you enjoy your trip?

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Eventually Karma catches up on you.

I especially like the help she got from one her supporters. She reached out for him you stop her downwards momentum, you can see he felt sorry for a second because he was thinking of helping her but at the last minute decided to withdrawal.

A sign of what will happen on November 8? Who knows.

Its the funniest thing since I have seen since that execution video of Saddam Hussein and when a friend got mine got his sausage stuck in a Labour party voter.

The Labour conspiracy theory is that Clark was pushed.

A YouTube classic.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Clark admits her lie

Yesterday Helen Clark revealed her knowledge of the Labour smear on John Key was "...not a story I am handling at all."

But today she spilled her guts to Larry Williams, on Newstalk ZB, that she in fact knew, like we all knew she did, about the whole dirty filthy political muck racking by Labour and their taxpayer funded research unit:

The Prime Minister has confirmed she knew about Labour's attempt to link John Key to the H-Fee fraud scandal of the late 1980s.

Helen Clark says she was aware Labour Party president Mike Williams was working on the matter and traveled to Australia to look at court documents. She says Mr Williams paid for his trip out of his own pocket.

Miss Clark says the party's research unit may also have been involved, as it does work on the opposition. However she says the matter was not a focus for the unit, saying its main role is to help Labour's various spokespeople. Newstalk ZB

Nice of her to finally come clean, but why? It is out of character for her to admit lying.

Perhaps it was a slip of the tongue. If you fib as much as she does sooner or latter you have to slip up.

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Labour's blog follows leader's line

The Labour Party Blog, The Standard, is following Helen Clark's line of, where there is smoke there is fire even though he has been cleared of any wrongdoing:

As so often with Key, we are left asking the same question: ‘if he has nothing to hide, why all the lies?’

They were also in possession of the same information that Mike Williams and the Labour party research unit had dug up on Key over the last few years, and of course they would because those running this blog are a key part of Labour's dirt digging. 

"...we had material anonymously emailed to us that gave the background to the H-fee and included a series of posts outlining the issue..."

Those running the blog are either directly connected to Labour Party hierarchy or are employed in various government departments that trawl for dirt on opposition parties.

The line followed by The Standard includes references to how "complicated" the whole H-fee scandal is and of course that must mean:

"...he clearly knows more than he led us to believe..."

This is the same implication that Helen Clark puts on the whole baseless saga.

The latest revelation on the Labour mud flinging is that Clark knew about Mike William's dirt digging. She yesterday denied any knowledge.

Another lie.

Just more lies, hoping something will stick.

If this has what politics has got to we are all in big trouble.

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Taxpayer money used by Labour to dig baseless Key dirt

The real scandal revealed yesterday when Labour released baseless dirt on John Key was the fact that taxpayer money was used to fund the Labour Party "research unit" and Labour President Mike Williams to do the digging.

Helen Clark, Mike Williams and the rest of the Labour Party and parts of their Internet presence, The Standard, are all well versed in the latest John Key smear and Clark is at the centre of the mud flinging.

This research unit is supposed to be investigating new policy or trying to fix "problems" for New Zealand citizens-so perhaps we are better off for it-but the taint that lingers for Labour over this misuse of taxpayer funds, yet again,  should be a concern for voters, especially those wanting to vote red come election day.

Visits to Melbourne by Williams and other members of the research unit and a 2 year plus history of dirt digging just on this "neutron bomb" doesn't come cheap-business class flights, Collins Street Hotels and lovely meals-but of course this hasn't stopped Labour from misusing and stealing taxpayer money to gain political advantage in the past.

Before the 2005 Election it was close to 1 million dollars and a few weeks ago it was $60,000 for some election promo books.

The cost of just this one dirty filthy and baseless political smear must run into 10s of thousands of taxpayer dollars. There are of course other taxpayer funded trawling exercises that have also siphoned up taxpayer money to make rivals look suspect-the Merrill Lynch dirt flinging comes to mind from a few months back.

It seems as long as it is taxpayer money Labour believe it is fair game to use for any purpose that they see fit and this will only get worse if they are re-elected.

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Labour muckracking explodes in Helen's face

I didn't think the backlash to Labours baseless lie spread about John Key yesterday would come back to bite them so quickly but the very paper that was going to blow the lid off the story today, the NZ Herald, seems to have turned on Labour.

Leaking of documents to the Herald trawled through by Labour Party President Mike Williams in Melbourne last week were supposed to incriminate John Key in some sort of currency scam from the 1980s but the best that the Herald can do is that Key was unsure about when he left a company that he worked at more than 20 years ago when interviewed about it by the Herald last year-he was out by a few months, from his own memory, on the spot.

Within days, though, court documents proved that what would have been the campaign's most explosive allegation was wrong. The January 11 cheque was actually signed by an Australian-based executive of the firm Mr Key worked for.

Mr Key said last night he had nothing to hide and accused Labour of a smear campaign.

Prime Minister Helen Clark distanced herself, saying: "This is not a story I am handling at all." More

The curious thing to me is that the Herald seems to have set up Labour for a big fall, publishing a teaser yesterday and then pulling the rug this morning.

Helen Clark denying involvement is another lie. Mike Williams, who dug the dirt, is a close friend and in constant contact with Clark and she is informed of everything political he does.

The baseless muck racking by Labour is merely a symptom of their leaders style and it infiltrates her government and the bureaucrats that she presides over.

When cornered and on the ropes Clark always reaches for the lowest common denominator and she is true to form once again. Its desperate stuff, from a dying government.

Its time the politics of lies, cheating and corruption came to an end and this latest nonsense in a long string of filth may well bring it to an end November 2008.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Panic 2008!

"Market Crashes", "Dow Plunges", "Global Recession".

Its enough to make you feel like Edvard Munch on a combination of speed and cocaine.

Headlines blaring across the worlds financial and main news organisations are saturating investors brains to the extent that they can hardly see their way out of all the gloom.

Of course there are practical and real reasons why most of these headlines exist and we haven't seen the worst yet but lets face it the world ain't going to come to an end.

All things must pass!

I am fed up with all the negative stuff and I am looking past the drama of "Panic 2008" and "Black October"(whats up with October for down stockmarkets?) and towards what lay on the other side of it.

We are coming close to the bottom of the down part of a financial cycle and the big economic impact is likely to hit soon and last until well into 2009/early 2010-of course the reactions by politicians to it may delay growth -at the same time though the seeds of an economic recovery are being planted.

The New Zealand dollar has been decimated and will continue to fall and this of course will help an export led recovery, one that is sustainable, rather than the tax and spend merry go round we have been on for the last 9 years.

Lower New Zealand interest rates, and US ones in particular will lead to an increase in business growth through cheaper lending and a pick-up in job numbers and in home lending this will lead to all the knock-on industries benefiting as a result.

Lower asset values will lead to more prudent buying by investors and a gain for those who have bought in a falling market and for those who haven't had to sell their house, stocks or rental property.

Lower commodity prices for oil, grain, sugar and a whole host of other staples that make economies tick will be a welcome relief for citizens lumbered with less employment or problems with high debt.

My point is that with every downside associated with the current financial and economic turmoil there is a mirror upside in the future and that is just how economic cycles work.

The fact that the upwards cycle has been a steep one unfortunately means the downside will be reasonably lengthy but in the process of movement back towards the top there are opportunities to be had for investors to capitalise on by buying cheap assets and benefit from their foresight when things inevitably get better.

All we need now is a little more faith in the future to make the upside a reality sooner rather than latter.

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Labour Election advertising misleading

Labour has been misleading the public again, this time in their nasty election attack ads about John Key:

The Advertising Standards Authority has upheld a complaint against Labour's "John and John" campaign ads and has ruled they carry misleading information. More

We really shouldn't be surprised, Clark has been misleading New Zealanders for 9 years, why should the election campaign be any different.

The election is about trust huh?

c Political Animal 2008

Labour's baseless attack on John Key could well bite come polling day

"It should not need to be said that John Key was completely innocent of any wrongdoing whatsoever," Mr Sturt said.

"For any politician to hint or suggest otherwise would be absolute rubbish and pure mischief-making." Chas Sturt, former Serious Fraud Office director 

As I mentioned yesterday when writing about Helen Clark's involvement in the Owen Glenn/Peters scandal it wont be long before Labour releases irrelevant insubstantial "dirt" dug up by Labour Party hacks.

Little did we know it would be so soon, so irrelevant, so insubstantial and dug up by chief mud flinger Mike Williams, Labour Party President.

The accusation dates back more than 20 years, is being made by Labour and fed to the New Zealand Herald by party hacks.

John Key faces accusations of misleading the public about his knowledge of one of New Zealand's most notorious white collar crimes.

The allegations centre around the so-called H-Fee - two payments totalling A$66.5 million to Equiticorp funnelled via sham foreign exchange transactions in 1988 - and an interview Mr Key gave the Herald last year. More

Unfortunately for Labour a serious fraud investigation cleared any involvement by John Key and his reputation is clear. From Charles Sturt:

The former Serious Fraud Office (SFO) director, Charles Sturt, said on August 25, 2007, that Mr Key was not involved in the H-Fee scam.

The SFO interviewed Mr Key about it, and Mr Sturt said he was one of many innocent people in a massive fact-gathering exercise.

"It should not need to be said that John Key was completely innocent of any wrongdoing whatsoever," Mr Sturt said.

"For any politician to hint or suggest otherwise would be absolute rubbish and pure mischief-making." More

He refutes completely about any involvement in a foreign exchange scam here.

Unfortunately for Key mud does stick and the filthy way Labour are running their election campaign must mean they have done some inside polling of their own and have found they are on a hiding to nothing come election day.

This Key nonsense is nothing but a media beat up and stories with way more importance and gravitas have been so far buried. Recent revelations uncovered by Ian Wishart that Labour have been involved in donations to their party from a Chinese underworld figure, in exchange for passports, Clark's involvement in the Owen Glenn saga and her blatant, irrelevant, use of the race card twice last week have largely been swept under the rug by our left loving media.

If that is the best Clark has she and her cabal are going to have to dig even deeper and they probably will.

Unfortunately for Labour though, this sort of filthy baseless mud-slinging may well come back to bite them on election day.

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VIDEO: National Party Election Adverts

A good selection of National Party Television advertising covering education, crime and health policies.

Posted on Political Animal free of charge so wont be counted as part of Nationals spend!

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Clarks lies should bury her 4th term chances

Because Winston Peters is unlikely to get seriously dealt to (and will probably get more support from his supporters) for any of the highly corrupt things that he has done regarding donations from various sources and lobbying for those donations, the spotlight must go back on Helen Clark and her involvement in the whole saga.

We remember that she lied about her knowledge of the Glenn donations to Peters earlier this year and now we find that her involvement is central to Owen Glenn's Honorary Consul appointment to Monaco that Winston Peters was lobbying for.

The Prime Minister was so concerned about Winston Peters' lobbying for Owen Glenn to become honorary consul to Monaco that she told the Foreign Affairs Department to let her know if it happened again, the Herald understands. Audrey Young, NZ Herald

Why would Clark get involved in foreign affairs ministry business if she didn't already have knowledge of Glenn's 2005 donation to Peters?

Email evidence between ministry officials tends to pass question on Labours knowledge of Peters attempts to get a consul position for Owen Glenn:

The papers also show the ministry stone-walling Mr Peters' attempts to get Mr Glenn appointed.

The ministry official in Mr Peters' office last August, Rob Moore-Jones, wrote to deputy secretary Peter Hamilton on August 30 last year: "Peter, just to let you know that Minister had another go last night about the above [Monaco] - still a raw nerve there!" Audrey YoungNZ Herald

Still a "raw nerve" indeed. This conversation shows that ministry officials had direction from a higher office.

I would contend that the direction to stonewall came from Helen Clark's office and Owen Glenn contends that Labour and Clark knew of the lobbying and Glenn's donation to Winston Peters.

This is also in the light of Labour receiving $500,000 from Glenn and further pleas by Labour for more money this year. 

What other reason would there be stonewalling?

Yet Clark still has Winston Peters in her political clutches, being paid for not doing his job and will use him again to try and cobble together a post 2008 election government.

I would really like to see Clark put under the griller by the same "journalists" that gave Lockwood Smith a hard time over revealing facts about various new immigrants and their work practices and turned that story into one about racism.

Unfortunately we are unlikely to see ambush Inquisitions of Helen Clark from the Duncan Garners of this world simply because they want to maintain good relations so as to get access to the Prime Ministers office in the future.

Watch for more spin from Labour and "new" "leaks" about National party ministers to take the heat off.

Pass the banana, I'm all full up here.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Green and Red make a horrible mess

Right on mark for the Greens is this cartoon from Guy Body of NZ Herald fame.

Their biggest policies are interference wrapped in a green agenda that little attention is paid to, that hides the deep red centre of communism. A perfect parliamentary partner for Labour's move from socialism to something else entirely.

A vote for these mad buggers is a vote for more of the same.

c Political Animal 2008

Clark stretches new Peter's revelation into wafer thin excuse

Not that it matters materially anymore because those that vote for him are going to anyway but Winston Peters continued denials that Owen Glenn was in the running for Honorary Consul General in Monaco and that Peters had at some stage advocated for Glenn to get that position have been revealed today as another lie in a long list from the disgraced bent politician:

Foreign Minister Winston Peters initially pushed hard for expatriate billionaire Owen Glenn to be made New Zealand honorary consul in Monaco, papers released today reveal.

Mr Glenn donated $100,000 to pay for the New Zealand First leader's legal fees in 2005.

A memo on April 19, 2007 from Mfat chief executive Simon Murdoch said Mr Peters "wants to appoint an honorary consul in Monaco. It is a distinguished expat of his choice."A memo the next day said the name mentioned was Owen Glenn... "I have no further details except that he is a mega-rich NZer living in Monaco. Presumably someone can google him".

Mr Peters said after the donations row exploded that questions about the Monaco appointment were hypothetical as there was no such post. More

The fact that when Owen Glenn mentioned he had been offered the position he called Glenn some sort of fantasist for saying so rubs salt into the whole scandal.

And finally and perhaps more importantly Helen Clark sees nothing wrong for a Minister of her Cabinet to accept $100,000 from an individual and latter advocate an important government position in return because:

Prime Minister Helen Clark also said there was "no issue" because no appointment had been made. More 

Well Ms Clark, the simple advocating for cash regardless of a position in return or not is the crux of the matter not the outcome.

About trust indeed.

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Tapu Misa plays victim role to hilt

Tapu Misa gets it wrong and plays the race/victim card.

She sometimes gets it right but her heritage gets in the way of reality in her latest column:

People keep telling me what a nice man John Key is. The jovial Christchurch taxi driver told me the National Party leader was the nicest politician he's ever met. Key was so casually dressed and unassuming the driver almost didn't recognise him.

The perpetually grinning Lockwood Smith seems a nice enough man, too. But his comments last week about the smallness of Asian hands and the toilet training needs of Pacific migrant workers betrayed a world view that continues to prevail in the National Party...

So it's become harder for poor kids to escape their lowly position. John Key was fortunate that he was poor before the 1980s, when we were a more equal society, and the welfare system was considerably more generous than it is today.

Government policy matters.

The policies of the 80s and 90s made New Zealand one of the most unequal countries in the OECD.

But since 2000, under Labour, that gap's been closing. Not enough, thanks to Labour's resistance to restoring benefits to pre-1991 levels, but progress.

Full Article

She jumps right on board the Labour KiwiRail train going to nowheresville.

Unfortunately Misa is lying to her readers here. John Key would be far better off today in terms of welfare than he would have been in the 1970s because New Zealand is in the grip of record welfare numbers, when Working for Families welfare and a whole host of other new welfare packages are taken into account.

Another key difference that Misa ignores completely is that because welfare wasn't seen as a right back when Key was a boy he was able to escape its evil clutches and become a successful man. 

He would have great difficulty doing that under today's conditions where Labour inspired incentives are instilled to remain on welfare instead of working hard to get off it.

Shame on Misa, she wears her "culture" like a badge but here fails to inspire only mediocrity and dependence, something that her culture is unfortunately not short on.

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VIDEO: TV ONE 3rd John Key Helen Clark debate, Nov 5 2008

Helen Clark and John Key are all smiles in the final leaders' debate before the election - source ONE News

Watch the last debate between John Key and Helen Clark, broadcast live on TV One Wednesday 5 November 2008 , 7.00 pm and posted here shortly afterwards for you to watch in excruciating detail and the ability to slow down Helen Clark's lips as she lies her way towards another term in office.

Ist TV One Leaders debate

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Labour plays race card twice in one week

So the answer to all our problems is for Labour to establish a free to air taxpayer funded "Pacific Islands" TV channel:

Labour would make establishing a free-to-air Pacific Islands television channel a priority if it wins re-election.

This is the second time this week that Labour has used the race card in the run up to the 2008 Election.

Earlier this week it was Helen Clark and her pointless racially motivated dig at Lockwood Smith for expressing the facts about migrant workers and now a bid for votes in South Auckland by buying our pacific cuzzies a TV station.

Remember the cost of the Maori TV station?  Well over $100 million and counting, and this time likely to cost more than that.

Apart from the racial separatism, New Zealand simply cannot afford this kind of luxury. 

What happened to the closed cheque book that Saint Helen talked about earlier this week? 

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Monday, October 27, 2008

VIDEO: TV ONE Minor Party Debate, 27 October 2008

Tonight's TV One minor party debate was a mish mash of political dinosaurs and hucksters vying for your vote and vying for support from either of the two major parties.

Some were clear about their choice for major party; the Greens, Anderton Peter Dunne and Rodney Hide, but others were less clear; Winston Peters and The Maori Party:

The ONE News Election 08 Kingmakers Debate, October 27 2008