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Monday, November 3, 2008

Clarks drops another lie in debate

In the TV3 Leaders debate between John Key and Helen Clark tonight, Helen Clark lied about the shower restrictions that Shane Jones was going to introduce in February 2009.

She said nothing of the sort was being, or had been contemplated but we all know there was a Labour working party doing research on it and it is a fact that it was going to be introduced next year.

Labour dropped back when there was the logical public outcry so close to a general election and they then considered relaxing shower head flow from 6 litres a minute to 9.

If elected Labour will introduce this law and many other nanny state laws like it. It has been par for the course for the last  9 years and simply would be out of character for Labour to change their ways.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Clark admits her lie

Yesterday Helen Clark revealed her knowledge of the Labour smear on John Key was "...not a story I am handling at all."

But today she spilled her guts to Larry Williams, on Newstalk ZB, that she in fact knew, like we all knew she did, about the whole dirty filthy political muck racking by Labour and their taxpayer funded research unit:

The Prime Minister has confirmed she knew about Labour's attempt to link John Key to the H-Fee fraud scandal of the late 1980s.

Helen Clark says she was aware Labour Party president Mike Williams was working on the matter and traveled to Australia to look at court documents. She says Mr Williams paid for his trip out of his own pocket.

Miss Clark says the party's research unit may also have been involved, as it does work on the opposition. However she says the matter was not a focus for the unit, saying its main role is to help Labour's various spokespeople. Newstalk ZB

Nice of her to finally come clean, but why? It is out of character for her to admit lying.

Perhaps it was a slip of the tongue. If you fib as much as she does sooner or latter you have to slip up.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Clark's lie central to Glenn donation scandal

It wasn't the actual break-in that cost "Tricky Dicky" his presidency in 1973 but the cover-up that brought his government down.

A similar focus of light should be shone on Helen Clark and her knowledge of the $100,000 donation back in December 2005, when the Labour Party President, Mike Williams, helped execute the loan to Winston Peters for his legal case in the Tauranga seat after the 2005 election..

We know that Williams and Clark are self confessed best friends, we also know they are in constant contact via phone or email and we are all aware that Mike Williams gives all information to her leader-in fact she insists on being fully informed, what she called a "no surprises" way of governing.

It is beyond the realm of possibility and past history that Ms Clark didn't know about the loan from its genesis.

The question is why did she not come forward in February 2008 when the donation scandal broke and only tell the public of her knowledge in August but then say "I knew about the donation in February 2008".

She omitted to reveal what she knew about the scandal in February 2008, then clearly lied about the timing in August.

One has to ask what more is she hiding, more donations scandals, evidence of her or Labour's deeper involvement? We just dont know.

We don't know because our journos are too gutless to ask her the hard questions. They are afraid of her.

Kiwis need to know of her part in the cover-up and her or Labour's involvement in the donation itself.

Not to know is akin to the running of tenuous democracies in Africa, the Pacific Islands and the current turmoil occurring in Thailand.

Kiwis wont be protesting about their crooked lying Prime Minister like the Thai people currently are but where is our Woodward and Bernstein when it comes to the likes of exposing our own "Corrupt Clark"?