Saturday, March 27, 2021

Share Investor's 2021 Stock Picks ;)

Normally i clear my mind and focus on next year.

This year, like 2020, i choose to go another way.

It has kind of run its course and ill tell you why if you be so kind to listen.

What is a stock pick but really an advert for yourself to pick whatever you want based on various methods.

I don't want to do that anymore, I see it as not helpful at all.

I would rather you pick the stock based on what you have learnt either through me or some other means - your "own" stock picks if you like.

I realize during this #covid19 period, it will be tricky to pick good long term winners.

BUT perhaps you can do the picking for once and i will listen - as i always do - intently.

I also got 6 of my 7 "might haves" right. The NZ dollar WILL weaken at some stage.

How will all my stocks do?

Well they did well this year. Pilling on about 30%. 

But don't get me wrong next year is a little bit more harder to predict - so i wont.

Except to say they are basically all over priced, due to there being little else for investors to pick over they are picking over what is already there for income.

But that's what you expect to see during this truly horrid period of Govt largesse. 

Next year we will see more of the same but a different year - 2021.

Addendum: I have to add 2 stocks to my portfolio. 2 stocks I have not owned before. Spark and Scales. Spark because they have that 5g thing which probably will take off this year and while you wait you will get paid over 5% pa. 

Scales because they have the package. Conservatively run and on sale at the moment. AND there's rumours of Scales being the front runner for Villa Maria wines.

Love as always to Sophia & Jacks  💓

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