Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Share Investor’s 2022 Stock Pick: Why I disagree with almost all Analysts on Pfizer

I initially bought some Pfizer shares about 2 or 3 months ago when they were about $42. I could have, should have, didn't when they were on my horizon at about $33.00. 

I initially was going to get into it short term but the more articles I read about it and the more reading I did about its history and the reasons for its recent lag in share price - it took years to put on about 7 bucks - the more I took a shine to it. 

So a parked the short term bus and ordered up a bigger truck.

Of course we all know what happened to this stock over the last year or so.

The prospects for this company are huge. Just avoid looking at the covid drugs/vaccines which analysts say are responsible for maybe up to a third of this calendar years earnings. Look at all the other drugs they already have and that are in the pipeline - there are many many of them which I wont list here, just google it.

On covid. 

With the pandemic really only just getting started I have read in countless articles that 2022 is going to be bigger than 2021 with the possibility of Pfizer tipping over the $100B mark for revenue and 3 or 4 doses recommended globally.

I can see the point reached where we each get a yearly or bi yearly booster once the omicron point is passed and we get onto the next one which possibly will be less of a "threat to humankind" until the next one and so on and so forth.

We really have to get Pfizer and Moderna et al out to those regions that can not afford it - for the western worlds own good. There maybe some pushback from Western leaders but this must be done if we are going to contain this disease.

So that's my take on Pfizer.

The range of analysts I've seen go from $51 to $75. But the majority are in the middle, about $60 bucks.

Ill be buying this stock at a limit of $59 and about 2.7 PA %.

I currently own around 73 shares BUT I hope to get a lot more if it dips below my magical figure.

Its going in my bottom draw.

I also recommend getting some Coke, Napier Port and the following BUT as always it’s up to you what you want. DYOR.


I also recommend you be patient - getting any of these on further weakness because the NZ stock market looks set to lose big time in 2022 as does the rest of the world in my humblest of opinions.✌😎

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Napier Port: Deep Waters?

Napier Port has a special place in my heart. When I was a boy I used to go there with my sister and father most Sundays for an ice-cream. I used to imagine what sorts of things came in from the port and what sorts of splendid things went out.

Well come 2021 I own a very small part of it. Always wanted to. My dead Dad would be proud!!

Well what are some of the details.

From NZX.com


Gross Div Yield3.439%
Securities Issued199,875,937

As you can see from the chart above the share price has been trading since #covid19 hit of $2.52 and a high of $3.90. What has been interesting is that it has bounced around a bit but hasnt got below $3.14.

recommend buying now at between $3.15 and about $3.20 because the share price should hold up because the so call "wall of wood" will generate the bucks for 10 years at least.

There is only two exceptions i would look at.

The company is carrying a lot of debt. I say that because its roughly at 25% of net assets. A counter to this is that is 55% owned by the Napier City Council so it is never going to go broke.

The second is the company does not have a lot of time under it belt as a public/private entity - about 2 years - so hasn't really established yet a good pattern of trading in public.

I have bought a few and will buy more as and when they reach my sweet spot.


Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Scales Corp: Annual General Meeting 2021

Scales Corp has come on to my portfolio this year. I got some at $4.64c and have been buying at between that price all the way down to $4.38c. It is currently trading at $4.90 cum dividend - which it has been kinda trading for about 3 years.

I have patiently waited on the side-lines for about 3 years to grab a stake. I got this stake at a discounted price because it has had a so so year - #covid19. It is currently generating 19c a share in divs and has over $100m dollars in the bank.      
There has been talk over the last 3 months or so that Scales Corp is the number one contender for the business Villa Maria although recently that particular rumour has been quashed by the market in general.

That rumour I think will be addressed today at the annual meeting of SCL today at 3.15pm along with guidance perhaps for the 6 months to a year ahead - like they always do. Scales various business units will also be up for scrutiny - like they always do - to get a picture of what and how they will be doing and how they could be doing in the next 6 months.

So strap yourself in and take in Scales Annual Meeting this afternoon. Your question MAY be answered!!


Saturday, March 27, 2021

Share Investor's 2021 Stock Picks ;)

Normally i clear my mind and focus on next year.

This year, like 2020, i choose to go another way.

It has kind of run its course and ill tell you why if you be so kind to listen.

What is a stock pick but really an advert for yourself to pick whatever you want based on various methods.

I don't want to do that anymore, I see it as not helpful at all.

I would rather you pick the stock based on what you have learnt either through me or some other means - your "own" stock picks if you like.

I realize during this #covid19 period, it will be tricky to pick good long term winners.

BUT perhaps you can do the picking for once and i will listen - as i always do - intently.

I also got 6 of my 7 "might haves" right. The NZ dollar WILL weaken at some stage.

How will all my stocks do?

Well they did well this year. Pilling on about 30%. 

But don't get me wrong next year is a little bit more harder to predict - so i wont.

Except to say they are basically all over priced, due to there being little else for investors to pick over they are picking over what is already there for income.

But that's what you expect to see during this truly horrid period of Govt largesse. 

Next year we will see more of the same but a different year - 2021.

Addendum: I have to add 2 stocks to my portfolio. 2 stocks I have not owned before. Spark and Scales. Spark because they have that 5g thing which probably will take off this year and while you wait you will get paid over 5% pa. 

Scales because they have the package. Conservatively run www.scalescorporation.co.nz and on sale at the moment. AND there's rumours of Scales being the front runner for Villa Maria wines.

Love as always to Sophia & Jacks  💓

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