Saturday, March 14, 2015


I've been meaning to write this for a while - about 3 years but some else got in the way.

Many readers, and all of my critics, which is just about all of you, jostled me because of my position and views about Restaurant Brands.

Well I turned out to be wrong and you (the critics) turned out to be more wrong than us all because many YEARS down the track - you know tortoise vs hare kind of thing, long vs short term thinking RBD turned out to be a winner.

SORRY, Russell Creedy.

And I put money on it, 60000 shares over 3 years. Then I sold it in 2001.

Now they are selling for nearly 4 bucks.

With dividends that went over my purchase price many times over.

They would be worth well over $200000 today and returning nearly 40 per cent. I was buying the company at its lowest price, 55c.

Only one person had the fortitude to stand out from the rest and he's rich by now.

As a company its run very well and I still eat there, KFC, its not yet back in the good ole days but its getting there.

It shows you that a company, run by the right person with clear, consistent goals can be run very well for the long - term with increases in productivity.

As an aside, DONT listen to others, DO your own research, and ignore advice that you get.

You will do all the above at your own risk.

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