Friday, January 30, 2015

Share Investors Portfolio Picks Updated

Well, its been a busy couple of months.

NZX up around 200 points and the portfolio up in all cases except for 3x.

I'll start with those 3 first.

That's Trademe, The Warehouse and Team Talk.

Trademe down about 25c, the Warehouse around the same and Team Talk down 60 cents due to a downgrade.

Auckland International Airport is up over 50 cents, Air NZ up over 40 cents, Contact Energy up over $1, Fisher & Paykel Health up 90 cents, Hallensteins Glassons up 20 cents, Mainfreight up just over $1, NZ Refining up over 60 cents , Heartland Bank up nearly 30 cents Sky City even and Xero just 20 cents below what it was Nov 20.

They range from Heartland up 30 per cent, to Sky City even stevens and everything else in between.

Easy to pick good ones in a market that is rising but hopefully you can see what I mean about brief profits.

Real money is to be made long term.

An Alternative to that biased, joke that is Sharetrader.

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Danish Cartoon depicts Muslim faith for what it is (NOW with added blasphemy!)

I have published one of the cartoons that the 12 brave men and women who got shot to death today by 3 crazy Muslim bastards have published in the past.

We must not let them silence us.

Keep poking fun at all religions and all things that amuse you.

It is your right to do so.

I have so far resisted publishing these hilarious cartoons but have now entered the fray and expect a bit of a backlash.

These cartoons rightly parody the Muslim religion. They depict the prophet Mohamed and the Muslim religion for what it is: violent, nasty, dictatorial, murderous, cruel and unworkable in the modern world.

The mere fact that the Muslim world raises itself up with death treats and carries out murders and bombings against those who dare to criticise the religion, show the "faith" for what it really is.

"Moderate Muslims", if they truly exist, should counter all these death threats and extreme views against people's democratic right to free speech by publicly defending rights to free speech instead of joining the Muslim bandwagon and proclaiming some new jihad against the Western world.

Image result for mohammed cartoons

These cartoons are moderate in their message compared to the message of Jihad
pushed daily by Muslim leaders.

I wait with baited breath but don't expect condemnation of this extremism by the Muslim world.

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