Tuesday, October 31, 2017


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Mmm, now it appears I don't get the live data from www.asbsecurties.co.nz unless I buy shares now.

I have it in front of me now only because of a purchase I made yesterday.

My question is do you get this data free or do you have to pay?

It almost is the last straw for me on top of numerous outs of ASB's website.

This really seems unfair because I purchase currently around 6 times a year and I recall some 2 weeks ago that they would be moving to this new system because of the horrendous cost of the data but they gave me no choice as to what it was I wanted to do.

I might have wanted to buy the data when they switched over a few days ago.

Now they have me sniffing around at other opportunities and writing stuff like this.

Do you have some suggestions?

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Monday, October 30, 2017

Share Investor has a second go at Tourism Holdings

Just managed to get hold of 3000 Tourism Holdings Ltd [THL.NZX] for $5.03.

That is all I've managed to scrape together given my obvious financial straits.

It seems the Chinese company HB Holdings has so far gained an almost 11 per cent stake.

I think I last owned this back in 2004 - 2005? and from memory it was 1000 shares.

I think I bought it for $4 something and sold it for $2 something.

I hope to sell it to the Chinese for $7 plus.

Really when you are looking at Chinese and control, no price is really relevant.

We soon will see what it is the price will be.

A possible partnership stake up to the required 19 or 20 per cent is possible but methinks the Chinese will want to get in on the action before Winston Peters and his hatred for Chinese comes into force in the form of stopping this thing from happening - a takeover.

Stay tuned.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

TIN's top 10 technology companies by revenue growth in year June 17

Technology Investment Network managing director Greg Shanahan says it has been a defining year for New Zealand's highest ...

Technology Investment Network link to story @ Stuff 
The top 10 "Tech" companies 3 of them listed and one on the way to the top - Fisher & Paykel Healthcare.
It would be nice to see couple of these listed. Datacom & Gallagher would be two Id be interested in.

TIN's top 10 technology companies by revenue growth in year June 17

1. Datacom Group - $1.15b
2. Fisher & Paykel Appliances - $1.14b
3. Fisher & Paykel Healthcare - $894m 
4. Xero​ - $295m
5. Gallagher - $232m
6. Orion Health - $199m
7. Douglas Pharmaceuticals - $189m
8. Tait Communications - $175.2m (estimated) 
9=. NDA Group - $175m
9=. Temperzone Group - $175m
10. Magic Memories - $154m

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Share Market Not Like it Was 30 Years Ago

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Looked for photo in the Herald but could only find this one. Picture tells a thousand words.

Share Investors Portfolio @ 17 Oct 2017

The question raised by most pundits this week is will the 1987 share market crash that happened in this country on the 20th October 1987 and in the rest of the world the day before happen again?

I would contend its not when it will happen because it will.

I don't pretend to know just when it will because I don't know.

Lets be clear, the reasons for the 87 crash were varied and wide - depending on who you talk to - but the reasons in this part of the world were a lot different to those in the Northern Hemisphere.

Here apart from anywhere in the world we were going through a vast transformation. 

Business was moving and becoming clearer and cleaner. Restrictions to all business were removed and we were at the centre of a global experiment which was being watched from Wall Street to Fleet St and then tried there in the 1990's and 2000's. 

NZ INC was closed one minute - under Rob Muldoon and then open the next day thanks to Roger Douglas.

Capital moved in from overseas then we were in the grip of a financial tsunami, the likes of which we hadn't seen before.

And what did people invest in?

Bugger all really.

Most of the businesses floated on the stock market at that time had very little to do with real business and those that were doing "good" business were taken along for the ride.

Unfortunately these good businesses were taken down on the 20th October 1987 along with the other ones that shouldn't have been listed in the first place.

Fast forward to today when we have restrictions and various rules around investing on the NZX - there are certainly not enough but its getting there.

The share market is a vastly different space to what it was 30 years ago.

We have companies that actually make money and for the ones that don't have yet it is in investors hands whether they stay or go. 

It is largely up to the investor how much risk they are will to take or make.

BUT and it is a healthy but. There has been risk as long as there has been 2 people willing to trade with each other.

Inherently there is greed and that is the key word and there is no way you will ever get around it.

As long as we have greed and avarice we can be assured that we will have another share market crash.

Just when?

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Fisher & Paykel: The Biggest Listed Company in New Zealand

Growing demand for Fisher & Paykel Healthcare's products have been keeping its Auckland manufacturing plant busy.
Technology has overtaken tourism at the top of the NZX, with exporter Fisher & Paykel Healthcare ousting Auckland Airport as the country's most valuable company.

Note from Share Investor: Was taken on a ride with this one over the last 5 years and I don't think its finished yet.
In one way or another its fate will be determined over the next few years not so much by Fisher and Paykel [FPH.NZ] but they will continue how they have done business since year one, that is without fear or favour of anything political. They will just get on with business regardless but politically the share FPH is definitely in favour.
Watch for a big rise in share price if Winston Peters goes with either left, left, left of centre Labour or left of centre party National tomorrow or Friday or whenever he feels like it. 
Look for the dollar to reach lows next year if Winnie the Pooh gets his way and the dollar is somehow uncoupled from the mood of the economy. As it has been for many decades now then the sky is just about the limit for this share. 
I could be proven wrong but something tells me 3 million dollars for every movement per cent in the dollar is the figure.
F & P have forward cover for this but as soon as this is used all bets are off.

F&P Healthcare shares have been on a five-year bull run as the company has expanded its hospital and home sales of medical devices that treat breathing disorders.
The company is now worth $7.446 billion – a few hundred thousand dollars more than Auckland Airport which was relegated into second place on the NZX at the close of trading on Wednesday.
F&P Healthcare shares have been boosted in recent weeks by a decline in the value of the New Zealand dollar, which has the effect of boosting its export revenues and profit margins.
A decline in the Kiwi that followed confirmation of the election result on Saturday has helped provide the impetus to take F&P Healthcare over the line.
Shares in the company closed 17 cents higher at a record high of $13.05 on Wednesday, while Auckland Airport shares had slipped 2c to $6.24 just before 5pm.
F&P Healthcare shares had a small wobble last year.
One cause was concerns over the President Trump's threats to renegotiate a trade agreement with Mexico – where F&P Healthcare has its American manufacturing base.
Another was concern over tit-for-tat patent litigation by Californian Resmed.
Resmed said the New Zealand firm's masks, designed to treat sleep apnoea, violated its patented technology after F&P Healthcare launched its own litigation.
Nerves about the litigation may have been calmed after a German court suspended Resmed's two patent proceedings pending the outcome of a European Patent Office decision over the patents. 

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