Monday, October 30, 2017

Share Investor has a second go at Tourism Holdings

Just managed to get hold of 3000 Tourism Holdings Ltd [THL.NZX] for $5.03.

That is all I've managed to scrape together given my obvious financial straits.

It seems the Chinese company HB Holdings has so far gained an almost 11 per cent stake.

I think I last owned this back in 2004 - 2005? and from memory it was 1000 shares.

I think I bought it for $4 something and sold it for $2 something.

I hope to sell it to the Chinese for $7 plus.

Really when you are looking at Chinese and control, no price is really relevant.

We soon will see what it is the price will be.

A possible partnership stake up to the required 19 or 20 per cent is possible but methinks the Chinese will want to get in on the action before Winston Peters and his hatred for Chinese comes into force in the form of stopping this thing from happening - a takeover.

Stay tuned.

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