Sunday, January 30, 2011

Share Investor Portfolio: Value @ 31 January 2011

The Share Investor Portfolio ended back up this week after dropping for the first week of 2011 last week. The portfolio was up 0.75% or $2090.03 on the Jan 24 update . For the first 4 weeks of 2011 the portfolio has increased by 2.41% or $6690.32. This weeks rise was due, primarily to a 5c rise in SKC, the biggest part of the portfolio. PPL & HLG fell due to profit warnings (1, 2) and MFT continued to rise well above $8 on market optimism that the worst was behind them.

The total of unspent dividends in the bank from the 2010 earnings year is $16631.93 at close of reporting season for 2010. There are also approx $50000.00 in tax credits earned from the portfolio since it began in late 2002.

Share Investor Portfolio as at 17:30:00, Friday 28 January, 2011 (NZDT)

Cost price
Total cost
Market price
Market value

2,000 $1.700 $3,400.00 $2.240 $4,480.00 $1,080.00 31.76%

2,000 $1.510 $3,020.00 $2.240 $4,480.00 $1,460.00 48.34%

803 $2.150 $1,726.45 $2.240 $1,798.72 $72.27 4.19%

445 $0.000 $0.00 $2.240 $996.80 $996.80

64 $1.650 $105.60 $2.240 $143.36 $37.76 35.76%

2,946 $0.000 $0.00 $0.707 $2,082.82 $2,082.82

7,054 $1.000 $7,054.00 $0.707 $4,987.18 $2,066.82 29.30%

438 $0.000 $0.00 $1.360 $595.68 $595.68

2,562 $0.990 $2,536.38 $1.360 $3,484.32 $947.94 37.37%

266 $0.000 $0.00 $7.890 $2,098.74 $2,098.74

848 $9.750 $8,268.00 $7.890 $6,690.72 $1,577.28 19.08%

3,000 $2.350 $7,050.00 $3.170 $9,510.00 $2,460.00 34.89%

541 $0.000 $0.00 $3.170 $1,714.97 $1,714.97

1,459 $3.720 $5,427.48 $3.170 $4,625.03 $802.45 14.78%

1,882 $0.000 $0.00 $3.250 $6,116.50 $6,116.50

6,749 $3.630 $24,498.87 $3.250 $21,934.25 $2,564.62 10.47%

541 $0.000 $0.00 $1.690 $914.29 $914.29

1,459 $2.330 $3,399.47 $1.690 $2,465.71 $933.76 27.47%

244 $0.000 $0.00 $3.860 $941.84 $941.84

756 $2.530 $1,912.68 $3.860 $2,918.16 $1,005.48 52.57%

190 $0.000 $0.00 $1.010 $191.90 $191.90

810 $1.480 $1,198.80 $1.010 $818.10 $380.70 31.76%

1,000 $7.960 $7,960.00 $8.160 $8,160.00 $200.00 2.51%

1,838 $8.000 $14,704.00 $8.160 $14,998.08 $294.08 2.00%

657 $0.000 $0.00 $8.160 $5,361.12 $5,361.12

1,505 $4.200 $6,321.00 $8.160 $12,280.80 $5,959.80 94.29%

1,646 $0.860 $1,415.56 $0.900 $1,481.40 $65.84 4.65%

7,000 $0.630 $4,410.00 $0.900 $6,300.00 $1,890.00 42.86%

718 $0.000 $0.00 $0.900 $646.20 $646.20

636 $1.050 $667.80 $0.900 $572.40 $95.40 14.29%

31 $0.000 $0.00 $0.270 $8.37 $8.37

1,500 $0.440 $660.00 $0.270 $405.00 $255.00 38.64%

1,004 $0.800 $803.20 $0.270 $271.08 $532.12 66.25%

1,000 $3.090 $3,090.00 $1.440 $1,440.00 $1,650.00 53.40%

1,000 $2.870 $2,870.00 $1.440 $1,440.00 $1,430.00 49.83%

939 $4.200 $3,943.80 $1.440 $1,352.16 $2,591.64 65.71%

877 $0.000 $0.00 $1.440 $1,262.88 $1,262.88

1,184 $1.530 $1,811.52 $1.440 $1,704.96 $106.56 5.88%

459 $0.000 $0.00 $2.400 $1,101.60 $1,101.60

4,586 $1.970 $9,034.42 $2.400 $11,006.40 $1,971.98 21.83%

5,750 $7.430 $42,722.50 $3.290 $18,917.50 $23,805.00 55.72%

1,000 $7.600 $7,600.00 $3.290 $3,290.00 $4,310.00 56.71%

2,750 $7.700 $21,175.00 $3.290 $9,047.50 $12,127.50 57.27%

1,431 $8.750 $12,521.25 $3.290 $4,707.99 $7,813.26 62.40%

25,085 $0.000 $0.00 $3.290 $82,529.65 $82,529.65

899 $4.720 $4,243.28 $3.290 $2,957.71 $1,285.57 30.30%

78 $0.000 $0.00 $2.270 $177.06 $177.06

322 $4.740 $1,526.28 $2.270 $730.94 $795.34 52.11%

4,500 $3.730 $16,785.00 $3.660 $16,470.00 $315.00 1.88%

6,979 $6.000 $41,874.00 $3.660 $25,543.14 $16,330.86 39.00%

2,880 $0.000 $0.00 $3.660 $10,540.80 $10,540.80

641 $3.710 $2,378.11 $3.660 $2,346.06 $32.05 1.35%


Total cost Market value Change

$278,114.45 $331,039.89 $52,925.44

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Share Investor Q & A: Reader Questions to Auckland Airport CEO Simon Moutter

I have given up for the time being on getting Michael Hill for a Share Investor Q & A - its a long story - but have managed to jack up a good one today with Auckland International Airport Ltd [AIA.NZX] CEO Simon Moutter.

Auckland Airport is a company with an asset that is known by most New Zealanders who have traveled and we are all aware that it is an expensive place to shop, park and fly. It has also been a great investment for long term shareholders since it listed nearly 13 years ago.

Over the last few years though the company has stalled in profit growth due to a downturn in world travel and some high expense capital requirements to modernise and expand the business.

It looks set for some good gains over the next few years however.

AIA has been headed by Simon Moutter since 2008 but he is a relatively low profile individual.

What do we know of his plans for the Airport he heads, where does he intend to take the company into the future and what makes this CEO tick?

With that in mind I thought I would like my readers to put some questions to Simon for a Share Investor Q & A.

Please leave your questions here at the bottom of this post or email me here.

Disclosure: I own AIA shares in the Share Investor Portfolio

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Toughen Up: What I've Learned About Surviving Tough Times

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Allan Hubbard Saga: Mental Challenge

The Allan Hubbard Saga has just taken a bizarre and unexpected twist.

As reported in the NBR this morning, Hubbard's official support team have been sending MRI brain scans to the Serious Fraud Office. To what end is unclear but one can see Mr Hubbard's Lawyers might be trying for the sympathy vote. If he can be seen as doddery, unable to understand detail and incapable of thinking clearly(hang on isn't that what this is all about anyway!) then there is the possibility a poor judge with charges brought before him by the SFO against Hubbard might be inclined to set them side because of Hubbard's delicate mental and physical shape:

But legal and medical specialists says they are astonished by that and suspect the use of an MRI brain scan is part of an attempt to prove Mr Hubbard is not fit to stand trial.

Both Serious Fraud Office director Adam Feeley and Mr Hubbard’s lawyer, Russell McVeagh partner Mike Heron, have indicated a decision on whether the Timaru accountant will face charges over Aorangi Securities is likely to be made late next week.

NBR understands the Serious Fraud Office has not requested any medical information about Mr Hubbard.

With impending charges due from the SFO next week, Hubbard's legal team is looking increasingly desperate to keep their man from facing serious charges of fraud, forgery, incomplete and missing paperwork. Clearly his lawyers think the SFO and other Government agencies have a strong case against their man otherwise their defence would be one of them gathering their own evidence against the charges rather than pleading a lack of mental capacity to stand trial.

The self appointed unofficial Hubbard Support team, who includes traveling salesman Paul Carruthers and religious devotee Michelle Halliwell, this time appear to be the sane ones with a really good point made on Hubbard's Lawyers possible plea:

“a slippery road that we do not want to go down under any circumstances” as it raised the prospect of an end-game.

“What if they say he is not fit for trial? Therefore he can’t run a company [and] it allows them to strike him off the companies register while bypassing the courts,” Paul Carruthers NBR

Although a contrary opinion from his supporters, who have thus far been publicly rallying for a quashing of any charges and an abandonment of a trial, Mr Carruthers and his fellow travelers have now done a sensible 180 degree turn and are right that if a trial is abandoned then the public are not going to see a clear decision about whether Hubbard is guilty or not of the charges thus far only brought against him in the media and investigated by the SFO and several other Government and private agencies.

I agree, we need a clear decision on his guilt or other and that is why the charges need to be placed and the trial needs to go ahead.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Share Price Alert: Pumpkin Patch Ltd

Pumpkin Patch Ltd [PPL.NZX] has been out with a profit downgrade this morning and this has seriously affected its share price, it has dropped by more than 9.5% or 15c at time of writing to be trading at $1.42.

There is an overall weakness in retailing stocks at present and just yesterday Hallenstein Glasson Holdings Ltd [HLG.NZX] came out with its own profit downgrade.

The Pumpkins profit levels have been up and down over the last 2-3 years after spending most of its listed life rising and the share price has reflected that.

Most recently it has taken hits from failed expansions into the UK and the USA but now its Australasian units have performed badly for the first time, indicating perhaps something more serious at play.

The company still lacks solid management but they have removed Greg Muir who cost the company millions through their failed expansion outlined above.

The company still has a core of loyal followers and a very strong brand and is well placed to ride out these tough times.

This is a good opportunity to buy on the way down.

I fear though there will be more bad news to come so be patient.

Disclosure: I own PPL shares in the Share Investor Portfolio

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