Monday, October 27, 2008

Winston Peters VS Kiwis

I haven't revisited the Winston Peters payola saga, because quite frankly the amount of time and energy put into it has been wasted. 

Nothing anyone has done has been able to put Peters where he belongs. Behind the bars of a prison.

Most of us know he is a crook and wouldn't spit at him if his fancy taxpayer suit caught on fire but there are those that are so deluded and bitter with the world that they will vote for him in spite of us all. 

They have a right to be stupid.

The Serious Fraud Office failure to go after him for secret donations from the Vela Family and Sir Robert Jones is merely another gap in law that allows politician from all hues to get away with breaking such laws because of technicalities and time restricted legislation.

Peters is as guilty as they come, morally and legally and in another jurisdiction would be doing time with petty crims, rapists and murderers but our light fisted legal and justice system has let him off.

Forget that he also stole $158,000 of taxpayer money before the 2005 Election and has so far refused to pay it back. Forget that he took money from a billionaire, lied about it in tandem with his lawyer, then continued to lie to try and squirm his way out.

Forget that money paid to him from the Velas was reciprocated by Peters pouring millions of taxpayer dollars into the racing industry. Forget also that he lied about the Sir Robert Jones donation, how much it was and who solicited it.

Forget that he continues to lie to this day about every part of his political funding process.

Just remember before you vote this November 8.

Winston Peters has lied, cheated and bought his way through 30 years of his Parliamentary career and while that might be a perfect CV for a politician he simply should have no place in politics representing New Zealanders.

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