Sunday, October 12, 2008

POLL: TV One Colmar Brunton Poll: October 12 2008

After a very poor showing for National in this Roy Morgan poll out Friday 10 October it will be interesting to see whether that will be replicated in today's TV One Colmar Brunton Poll for 12 October.

The latest Colmar Brunton Poll shows National on 51% and Labour on 33%.

This result follows on from the year long plus trend of National being ahead by a large margin.

Full Results

National has dropped back one point but it is still on 51%, well ahead of Labour, unchanged on 33%.

The Greens continue to gain ground, now on 8%. The Maori Party is not really featuring in the party vote, sitting just under 3%.

New Zealand First have crept up a little in the poll as have Act which is at 1.6%.

Translated into seats in parliament, National would govern alone on 63 seats, Labour would be in opposition with 41 seats and the Greens would have 10.

Assuming current electorate seats are held, the Maori Party gets four, Act two and United Future and the Progressives one seat each. Without an electorate seat, New Zealand first is out of parliament on these numbers.

In the preferred prime minister stakes, National leader John Key has come down a little but is still on first place on 39%.  Labour leader Helen Clark is unchanged on 31% and NZ First leader Winston Peters has dropped back one point to 2%.

Clark launched Labour's election campaign on Sunday saying the government has a plan to cope with the economic crisis, including implementing a deposit guarantee scheme.

And Key kicked off National's campaign, saying National is the party to lead New Zealand out of the economic gloom.

Colmar Brunton Polls

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