Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Heads Up

A little birdy has told me there is more from Ian Wishart over the donations for passports scandal that Labour has been involved in and the mainstream media has pretty much ignored and misreported.

Unless Wisharts new stuff is a knockout blow, I doubt whether mainstream media will show it the due attention it clearly deserves.

I think it is probably due to lack of resources and or priorities. The mainstream seem to be too busy following leaders around while they kiss babies, waiting for Saint Helen to get angry or Winston Peters mouthing off by being a racist pig for political mileage.  

Investigative Journalism seems to be something left to the "fringe" these days and while Ian Wishart is one of the best at it, he sometimes gets it wrong.

I guess Journos too have become rather blase' about the corruption of the incumbent Government.

Perhaps its supporters have as well.

How bloody sad.

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