Monday, October 6, 2008

Govt books a horror story

Today's opening of the Government's books reveals what most thinking people already know. We have been taxed to death, our money has been wasted on unproductive spending, welfare, bureaucrats and other handouts and the shite has just hit the fan:

The Government will run up cash deficits of more than $30 billion over the next five years due to reduced revenue and increasing costs, Treasury forecast today.

Finance Minister Michael Cullen said the world financial crisis had had a significant effect on the New Zealand economy.

NZ Herald

"It is not a time for rash political promises"

Michael Cullen, Newstalk ZB 3.00 pm news break, Oct 6 2008

So not only are New Zealand citizens faltering under massive personal debts because of Labours high tax rates but the socialists have finally come home to roost and our economy as a whole is well and truly rogered.

Clark and Cullen have blamed economic forces outside Government, but what is clear is that over the last 9 years Cullen and Clark have raped and pillaged while New Zealand has burned and they haven't saved for the inevitable rainy day.

We need tax cuts now more than any other time because of the growing market turmoil and we should look forward to the stimulus that National's tax package, announced on Wednesday, will bring to an economy managed into a deep recession by the dithering Dr Michael Cullen.

We will be in much deeper doo doos than we already are with another 3 years of Labours tax and spend regime.

Helen is right again this morning when she says this election is about the economy. Unfortunately the last 9 years of Labour Government has been about spending our money not helping to increase it.

Experience in business, financial markets and economic realities instead of socialist ideologies is needed and we need a man with the former rather than a sticky fingered socialist like Michael" Little Prick" Cullen.

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