Wednesday, October 8, 2008

C-SPAN VIDEO: Full Second Presidential Debate-Belmont University, Nashville TN, Oct 7 2008

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This is the full video of the Second Presidential Debate held at Belmont University, Nashville TN Tuesday October 7 at 9pm (ET) on C-SPAN. (2.00 pm NZ Time) Video is 1 hr 39 mins running time.

With the focus mostly on Sarah Palin and dirty politics from all sides infiltrating the media, the Tuesday Presidential debate was a bit of a damp squib.

Senator Barack Obama is ahead in the polls but media coverage thus far has been won by the Republicans.

Obama isn't strong on unscripted discussion, while John McCain does has done an adequate job thus far.

I will be watching the Presidential debate as much as I can while I am working about the place and I will be watching it at C-SPAN via Political Animal at 2.00pm Wednesday 8 Oct (New Zealand time).

You can also see the second Presidential debate on Political Animal in full but in smaller parts here.

You can comment here about the debate. Your opinion will be visable at the bottom of this post.

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