Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Hallenstein Glasson: What Do I Do?

Hallenstein Glasson Holdings Ltd is a stock I haven't looked at here since Jan 23 2017.

In case your wondering I now operate from here.

I have owned this particular stock this time for 7 years.

I write this particular column this time because of the recent rise in share price from just under 4 bucks at the beginning of the year to finish yesterday at $6.03.

People like me have loved this stock for years. It is well run by a bunch of penny pincers and has no debt.

As of writing its still paying a net 6.23 % div, which is the MOST on the New Zealand market.

It looks like it is finally making head way and they have got all their ducks in a row.

Online they are doing exceptionally well and Glassons and Hallensteins, their two brands have not really done any better.

They have in fact got a mate who is buying up Hallensteins shares 1a for the past 3 weeks and he now owns - buy my calculations - around 10% of outstanding shares. 

Which makes him the 2nd largest shareholder after Tim Glasson.

I own this stock because it pays me well over a 20% pa return and I have no problem keeping it.

You would have to give me somewhere north of $7 bucks to get rid of it.

You would own it first for its still good return and for the fact that some other chap about 2000 miles from here is interested too.


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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

BLUNDER - By Simon Burnett (2018)

BLUNDER - By Simon Burnett (2018)
How ANZ and ING squandered 800 million
dollars in a Wall Street casino—and ignited a
revolt of small-time investors.
This book is downloadable now free from  Share Investor Group

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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Share Investor: Mainfreights Don Braid with Corin Dann

An interesting 15 mins or so with Don Braid that I initially missed.

You can see him start to get annoyed by Corins move to the negative with his questions.

Don is ALWAYS positive!!


Don Braid says they are also trying to move to electric fork lifts and make greater use of solar power in their buildings.

Meanwhile, despite headline business confidence being weak in many surveys at the moment, Mr Braid says he's feeling optimistic about the economic outlook for New Zealand and he doesn't know why other businesses are grumpy.

He says for the transport sector the new government is actually providing more stability by being mode natural when it comes to transport infrastructure.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

My Food Bag - The IPO

Cecilia Robinson is her name and My Food Bag is her game.

Launching in 2013 and taking her husband on, Teresa Gattung, Nadia Lim as ambassadors and investors MFB claims to have thousands of customers throughout New Zealand and delivering approx $140 m in revenue with no mention anywhere of any profit being delivered.

MFB had a go at the Aussie market but withdrew last year because it found its competition too tough - my emphasis.

Now lets get down to the nitty gritty. This story/press release out yesterday in stuff fails to mention that they have already tried OZ and retreated.

"My Food Bag would continue to focus on its New Zealand customers, and there were no plans to branch into Australia or any other overseas markets, Robinson said".

That really has Teresa Gattung fingers all over it. 

In her previous life as CEO of Telecom such pearls of wisdom were regularly up on the NZX as press releases.

With Nadia shes cool but she apparently sold a share of the business to Waterman Capital for approx $6m.

So at the moment ownership is unclear but you can bet that all 3 of the main holders have remained so to some extent.

Not much is known about the founder Cecilia Robinson except to say that everything looks sweet and lovely. In case your wondering i am suspicious because there is a lot of positive stuff written about her on the net/Newspapers and magazines.

Not a lot of negative.

Still that maybe cause I have a natural skepticism when it comes to me putting down money on something like this.

With that in mind I will leave it to the IPO managers at Waterman Capital to come out before the IPO with facts and figures

So far sadly lacking from anything out so far about My Food Bag.

I am not participating in the IPO.


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