Friday, October 31, 2008

NEWSFLASH: Clark didnt fall, she was pushed

A fall that Helen Clark took last night was initially thought to be an accidental trip on something left on the floor of the coffee shop in which she tripped in.

Further investigation by the taxpayer funded Labour Party research unit overnight has revealed a different story.

A spokesperson for the research unit B.Sheehite has confirmed rumours that there was a interloper on a grassy knoll just outside of the video frame that captured the Prime Ministers fall/push.

Unconfirmed reports from Mr Sheehite is that an individual with an axe to grind pushed Helen Clark.

Further research has uncovered several possible suspects. 

Owen Glenn is number one on the list, John Key second and possibly any one of an approximate 3 million New Zealanders who are thinking of voting on November 8 2008 are also suspected.

Further research will be undertaken over the next week before the election to root out the actual pusher.

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