Friday, June 18, 2010

John Palmer Tipples on the Shareholder

Air New Zealand Ltd [AIR.NZ] chairman John Palmer has decided to side with the politicians over the great credit card swindle of New Zealand taxpayers.

Good on him for openly declaring his indiscretions but shareholders and taxpayers shouldn't be paying for John's tipples after work.

John reckons:

mini-bar bills are "just part of commercial life".
The professional director said yesterday that he felt sorry for some MPs over criticism received for claiming expenses such as alcohol in hotel rooms.
"I've got a good deal of sympathy for some of them, as someone who travels a fair bit and who does actually have a beer out of the hotel fridge and puts it on the hotel account, and spends a huge amount of time away."
Often hotel rooms were places of work, where staff made progress on decisions with colleagues or guests, Mr Palmer said. "That's just part of commercial life." Read More at
Mr Palmer is also a director of AMP Ltd [AMP.NZ] Rabobank in this part of the world and Chairman of State owned miner Solid Energy.
I would argue that Mr Palmer has breached a line when he considers that shareholders and or taxpayers should be footing the bill for his alcohol indulgence.
Alcohol is definitely personal spending and at minibar prices shareholders are getting an even rawer deal. Have you checked out the price of a minibar Mars Bar recently!
Am I being petty?
Maybe, but I think spending like this shows a contempt for those employing you and paying your wages and a culture of waste, especially evident at Air New Zealand and Solid Energy.
Shareholders in Air New Zealand and AMP should get in contact with the respective investor Centres and let them know they are not happy with John's free spending.
You should be annoyed with John and his attitude. It is your money that he is wasting and as shareholders and taxpayers you deserve much better.
It is indicative of further waste.
Air NZ Investor Centre
AMP Investor Centre
Solid Energy

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