Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hell hath no fury like a donor scorned

The biggest donor to the Labour Party, Owen Glenn, will give evidence to clear his name today when he goes into a Privileges Committee hearing in relation to the $100,000 donation he gave to Winston Peters and NZ First.

He has been travelling for near two days, has been taken away from his business at hand and he must be absolutely pissed-with Winston Peters and the Labour Party.

Peters and Labour have been royally slagging off Glenn's reputation with an orchestrated smear campaign in order to discredit his character and reputation. 

Accusations of Glenn's mental capability, memory and stability have been spread by Trevor Mallard, the bully boy of the Labour Party.

Glenn has been a donor to several causes in New Zealand, to the tune of multi millions of dollars, including the Labour Party but Clark or any other member of her party will not even meet with him.

He now clearly regrets supporting Labour and Winston Peter's party and will avenge his good name this afternoon.

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