Wednesday, September 10, 2008

NZ HERALD: Peters/Glenn saga wrap

A wrap of yesterday and this mornings coverage of the Peters/Glenn Donation saga from the New Zealand Herald. 

Including breaking stories and new information about Labour Party president Mike Williams deeper involvement.

Dramatic damning evidence against Winston Peters was provided by Owen Glenn yesterday.

Phone records, affidavits and written evidence backing Glenn's continued claims that he gave $100,000 to Peters and that Peters had been aware of that donation back in 2005 when he solicited it,  in July 2008, as he has ascertained.

Today Peters will give his rejoinder to the Privileges Committee to Glenn's statements made yesterday and he will have to spin and or fight the hardest he has ever fought for his political future.

Peters donation row website

Phone records contradict Peters: Owen Glenn. Photo / Mark Mitchell

Owen Glenn. Photo / Mark Mitchell

Crucifix at hand as Glenn enters the lions' den

A tiny crucifix sits on the desk in front of Owen Glenn. It is wooden with a silver Christ and is the first thing he gets out when he sits down and the first thing he picks up… More

Peters makes donation admission 

4:00AM Wednesday September 10, 2008

Patrick Gower

Winston Peters has for the first time admitted some knowledge of the Spencer Trust and its $80,000 donation…More

Glenn's version: How the deal was done

4:00AM Wednesday September 10, 2008

Patrick Gower

AUGUST 12, 2005 Winston Peters and Mr Glenn meet for the first time in Sydney before Bledisloe Cup test. Meeting was asked for by Mr Peters' adviser Roger McClay. Mr Glenn consulted Labour Party… More

c NZ Herald & Political Animal 2008

Phone records contradict Peters 

Monaco-based businessman Owen Glenn presented compelling evidence at Parliament yesterday suggesting New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has lied over what he knew of the billionaire's $100,0000 donation. Mr Glenn arrived at the privileges committee…More

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