Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Generation

The moral outrage by David "Fartman" Parker,Lianne Dalzeil and the Labour Party over Contact Energy today announcing power prices rises leaves me more than a little confused:

"However we will be asking Cabinet on Monday to consider whether a broader inquiry is needed into whether these price increases are evidence of a lack of competition and market power being used to ratchet up prices," the ministers said.

Ms Dalziel said she could not see how the increases could be justified.

"The latest price increases, especially for residential consumers, follow a worrying trend of price rises in excess of general inflation, and I intend to ensure that the market is not being manipulated by electricity retailers."

NZ Herald

The facts are that Contact is putting up power prices because Labour have not allowed enough new generation to be built because of the global warming myth and are set to pile more cost on to consumers power bills through their dodgy climate change policies. David Parker has got his sticky little socialist fingerprints all over the mess.

Restrict generation, ipso facto power prices rise-well duh!

Contact Energy had to run a diesel power station at full blast for most of 2008 because of the lack of power generation for goodness sake.

Parker's inexperience shows in this quote from him today:

"The gap between residential and industrial charges was difficult to understand"

What the fuck?!

David if you are a industrial power user you generally use more power and like any other product or service you will be able to negotiate a lower price for bulk usage.

That is the way any market works and is general practice with power companies. Perhaps you could talk to a couple instead of grandstanding weeks before an election.

This collective is overseeing the energy portfolio and the Carbon Credit tax scam.

We should be worried.

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