Friday, September 12, 2008

VIDEO:FREAKY FRIDAY FUNNY-Aunty Helen hits out!!

Its time to introduce a new feature to the Political Animal Blog, Freaky Friday Funnies.

I will dredge the depths of the internet to come up with priceless and hilarious parodies of our dear Prime Minister, Helen Clark.

You are thinking to yourself, that politicians have become parodies of themselves?

Well yeah, there will be some of those.

Without further ado I will introduce the first Freaky Friday Funny.

This primitive Priministerial parody has a bloke dressed up as the aforementioned punching her screen co-actors in the face.

It is very funny and looks like a Uni production from somewhere made by ACT supporters.

It probably breaks the Electoral Finance Act, but fuck it, it deserves to be seen.

It looks at the Emissions tax scam, truckers, families, smacking! farmers and Helen's push for a position at the United Nations.

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