Friday, September 12, 2008

Remembering 9/11

It was a scene that I will never forget, it is etched in my mind with the clarity of 5 minutes ago.

The sight of those planes flying into buildings that I had marvelled at since I was an 8 year old kid was a shock initially, then I couldn't stop crying for those poor souls trapped in the aftermath.

The feeling that I and most individuals had when they realised that this was actually real, it wasn't a movie and it was history unfolding before our very eyes, was one of disbelief.

Let us remember those who perished 7 years ago today in The World Trade Centre, the Pentagon and the innocent victims on the planes that were flown into those targets.

Most will be fondly remembered and missed dearly by those family members left behind and my thoughts are with you and with those that you lost.

Let us always remember the heroes and never ever forget the reason why so many died on that day.

Above all let us not live in fear of those that would try and do the same again.

Let us also remember those brave souls who have fought and died since that horrible day defending our freedoms.  

May the victims of the 9/11 mass-murder rest in peace.

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