Friday, September 12, 2008

The Mad Greens!!

This movie isn't a spoof, it is about brainless greenies crying and wailing over dead trees.

This is pertinent to New Zealand because we have the same sort of zealots in the New Zealand Green Party who want more tax from you for your heathen polluting ways!

Jeanette Fitzsimmons and her Luddite mates spearheaded the Emissions Tax Act that was rushed through under urgency earlier this week. Those toss pots in Labour like Helen Clark and David Parker follow close behind in the Green agenda.

It is law passed to heap all sorts of eco taxes on Kiwis, because of the myth that "our planet is warming" and human beings are responsible-this is a bald faced lie.

The extra taxes mean thousands of dollars of extra tax for kiwis every year, a stagnant economy and eventual economic collapse when the carbon trading market is exposed for the fraud that it is.

Watch the video and remember when you are watching it that the New Zealand Green Party is just as mad and also remember that these creatures also want your vote this year.

Pleeeesssse don't do it.

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