Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Arrrrr me bucko!

With all the seriousness surrounding us with a meltdown on the Dow this morning and a hopeless collection of toss pots up for the 2008 election, I just don't feel the need to be serious lately.

With that in mind lets have a look at some attempts at livening up the advertising during the election race. From Radio Live

Pirate pimping your Prime Minister
We want a fun election, so if you see any billboards that have been 'bad-touched in a good way', then we want to see them. The best will go on the website, just like the beauty above.
During last year's Mayoral Elections, Sideshow Bob Parker won the public vote. Look and see why.

I like the Simpson's related billboard myself, it is the level of mentality of most pollies and lest face it you can probably trust Homer Simpson above Helen Clark any day.

Helen Clark's modified billboard looks more like her than her real one.

c Political Animal 2008


  1. Remember Bobby Boy from Sale of the Century?

    Seems he hasn't been selling stuff in CH CH though. He has been buying everything from garden shows to 20 million bucks worth of desolate land-all at ratepayers expense.


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