Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Political Animal's Blogosphere ranking

Oh, it seems Political Animal has a ranking by this Blog site:  NZ Blogosphere   and I am up by 11 places.

Well done that man!

#65 (+11) Political Animal : www.darrenrickard.blogspot.com
08/2007+ "NZ politics is dirty"
Darren Rickard : Right - ? : Auckland
nz28,652 * 3,533,881 : c.60 + 16 + 30 + 3 = 109 (+32)
[76,80,100+,new] [77,74,37,new]

My traffic has doubled over the last month so I might be winning some sort of prize when my ranking jumps into the stratosphere!

I am guessing traffic to Political Blog sites has increased rapidly over the last month or so and Winston Peters and a coming election will no doubt have something to do about it.

Thanks for reading. I would love to get more comments though.

Cheers,  Darren


  1. Well done Darren, getting comments is the tricky bit.
    I write (what I consider to be) a well thought out post and get none.
    I then post any old crap that pops into my head and get heaps.. Go figure..

  2. I think your stronger approach to your subject might get you the feedback. It certainly provokes opinion.

    I really like your description of your blog as "tabloid".


  3. Tabloid... A friend told me it was juvenile, tabloid was the compromise label.

  4. It like the Sun without the boobs. How about some boobs, I'm feeing a bit short changed.


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