Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lack of interest over donation scandal?

According to Helen Clark today, nobody in New Zealand is the least bit interested in the Winston Peter's donation scandal, a donation scandal that directly involves Clark and therefore her fascist socialist Labour Government.

It is the same line taken by the Labour Party Blog The Standard, who like to deny the seriousness of the Glenn/Peters/Clark Payola scandal and "move on" so they can perhaps discuss the finer points of saving transgender gay whales who wear scandals and who vote Labour. 

The public are supposed to move on?

This in the light of the most exciting week in the scandal, in this banana republic we call New Zealand.

Today the police were added to the mix and they will investigate Peters and donations made to him or his NZ First Party in 2007 and undeclared.

This is in addition of course to the Serious Fraud Office Case into yet more dodgy behaviour and the big daddy of them all the Privileges Committee hearing into a $100,000 secret donation to Peters from Owen Glenn.

Owen Glenn arrived in New Zealand today to give evidence at tomorrows privileges hearing.

I and millions of other kiwis are finding this very interesting and will not move on, and neither should we.

It is a very serious matter, of a constitutional nature and our Prime Minister has omitted to admit her central part in it and what she knows about the Glenn donation.

Tomorrow we are likely to see some direct evidence from Glenn and if there is any new information to be revealed that further implicates Peters watch for more public displays of derision by Labour ministers at Owen Glenn-their biggest donor.

I will be riveted.

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