Thursday, September 11, 2008

Helen Clark esablishes a new low for politics

Only in banana republics and dictatorships in places like Africa, the Pacific Islands and South America do immoral, illegal and corrupt politics exist.

New Zealand was added to that ignominious list when the Electoral Finance Act was introduced on Jan 1 2008 but now with the Peters/Glenn/Clark donation scandal the banana bends just that much further.

We have a leader, Helen Clark, who supports a Minister, Winston Peters, who holds the Foreign Affairs Portfolio, that is being investigated for fraud by the Police and Serious Fraud Office and is also under investigation by the Privileges Committee for not disclosing a $100,000 donation made to him by Owen Glenn.

Furthermore, Peters has been caught out lying over each count made against him under ministerial oath to Parliament, The Privileges Committee, Helen Clark and ultimately every New Zealander.

Then we have a Prime Minister, caught out lying about her involvement in the Glenn donation scandal.

What does the Prime Minister do to the offending Minister?

He isn't sacked, continues to receive the baubles of office: Limos, office staff, salary and expenses.


Because Helen Clark wants to stay in office for as long as she can, pass fraudulent laws like the Emissions Tax Act and protect an allie for a possible partnership after the next election.

You see Peters is able to use all these accoutrement's to help him retain a place in Parliament.

Aunt Helen is also petrified over some of the secrets he might spill over the Owen Glenn donation saga; what her and the Labour Party President, Mike William's real involvement was.

Because they are not giving the full picture.

It is clear from all this that even though your party might be facing a donation scandal, you and or your minister is donkey deep in it all and there have been lies told to cover up the whole scandal, because it is politically expedient to do so, Clark will do nothing.

As usual, nobody is taking responsibility, nobody is paying a price for despicable and illegal behaviour and all for the sake of our Prime Minister's lust for power.

We all deserve honesty from our leader and her parliamentary allies but we are not getting it.

The banana bends even further in New Zealand but at least the established banana republics that I referred to above have a way of removing corrupt governments.

Is time for a riot?

At the very least it is time for an election. 

c Political Animal 2008

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