Thursday, September 25, 2008

Conflicted Interests

Further to my piece about John Key's share disclosures this week and his former holdings in Tranzrail apparently making his position as an MP a conflict of interest, there comes info on a more pressing and real conflict of interest 

Jeanette Fitzsimons and her conflicts over shareholdings in several companies associated with her Party the Greens and the Labour Party passing "green" based legislation.   

From The Hive comes this gem:

Remember the $1 billion in funding, in part to subsidise home insulation, negotiated by the Green Party as part of the agreement to vote for the ETS?

Guess who owns shares in the company that makes
this product????

This really stinks. Of course it would be too much to hope for One News to pick this up.

A comment on the Hive's post reveals the following:

Jeanette FITZSIMONS (Green, List)

1 Company directorships and controlling interests
Aeolian Property Company Limited – property management
Green Circle Farm Limited – farming
2 Interests (such as shares and bonds) in companies and business entities
Fletcher Building Limited – building materials and products
Cavalier Corporation Limited – wool scouring, carpets
Fisher & Paykel Appliances Holdings Limited – appliance manufacture

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation Limited – healthcare equipment
Scott Technology Limited – technology
6 Real property
Family home (jointly owned), Kauaeranga Valley, Thames
One-fifth share in relative’s home near Kawhia
7 Superannuation schemes
Green Futures Superannuation Trust
MFL Property Fund

Nothing wrong with owning assets, but holding shares in Fletcher Building (DISCLOSURE: I OWN FBU shares!!) and advocating for the Emissions Trading Tax fraud law is a clear conflict of interest and as The Hive rightly states, mainstream media seem as blind as Stevie Wonder when it comes to its reportage, along the lines of the non event of John Key and his Tranzrail shares.

There is also confusion over whether she still owns Windflow Technology shares and conflicts about over holding shares in that company and Jeanette's pushing to advantage the wacky backy Windmill industry.

Go figure.

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