Sunday, September 14, 2008

Polls Apart

That Billy Joel sure was a sensitive character, Honesty and A Matter of Trust two big hits pleading for, well, trust.

After Helen Clark's long winded election date speech on Friday, she emphasised that the election, for her, will be "about trust" and which leader has the New Zealand citizens trust.

There have been a couple of large polls taken by the two large newspaper groups in the country, APN and Fairfax and both show a massive swing to the National Party.

Here are the two polls, taken since the Prime Ministers speech on Friday.


Announcing the election date, Prime Minister Helen Clark said the campaign would be about trust. Who do you trust more?

Helen Clark (4748 votes, 24.0%) 
John Key (15061 votes, 76.0%)
Stuff polls are not scientific and reflect the opinions of only those internet users who have chosen to participate

See current polling on here .

From the New Zealand

Who will you vote for in the election?

Out of 9128 votes so far the National Party vote is at 60% while Labour is at 20%

Go here to see full poll

The Stuff poll is from the left side of the journalistic realm and the NZ Herald poll is from a more centrist perspective-Granny used to be right wing-so it is interesting to see both media outlets showing similar swings to National.

Not scientific but a good indication.

You can vote in the Political Animal Poll as well: 

Which Party will get your Constituency vote?  View Results & Vote

Which Party will get your Party vote? View Results & Vote

There will be a Colmar Brunton TV One poll out latter this evening.

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