Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mrs Muliaga to blame for her death

I didn't want to comment on the Muliaga Family and the tragic death of their mother Folole Muliaga until the coroners inquest had made a decision. It is a very sad case of neglect by Labour's welfare state and a consequent lack of personal skills and care by the Muliaga family and the deceased herself.

This says it all for me:

"The report said the way the power was disconnected was not a factor. The official cause of death was cardiac arrest caused by morbid obesity".

There was some comment about stress caused by the disconnection possibly being a factor but the woman was near death anyway according to healthcare workers at Middlemore Hospital.

There is blame laid on the power company Mercury Energy, the individual who cut the power off,and the Counties Manukau Health Board.

The central blame for their mothers death though lay in the Muliaga Family themselves, they failed to care for her adequately, neglected to pay power bills and failed to inform emergency services when the power was cut.

The main blame of course should be sheeted home to the individual who ended up dying. Mrs Muliaga basically ate herself to death and continued to ignore hospital advice to cut back her massive intake of calories.

Unfortunately this sort of lack of self responsibility is endemic in the part of South Auckland that the Muliaga family lives and it has been inbred for generations, by the welfare state, accelerated to the extreme over the last 9 years of a Labour Government.

If personal responsibility was a focus in this part of the country, instead of a dependence on the state and the taxpayer, people like Mrs Muliaga may well be still alive today.

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  1. You are an insensitive asshole. But I'm sure you know that, and enjoy it.

  2. You get me wrong. I feel for the family and their loss.

    Having said that, they and the deceased have the major responsibility for the position they now find themselves in.

    There is too much buck passing and that was the central core of my piece.


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