Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Share Investor: Free Market to Pollies: We dont want you!

A commentary on the current credit meltdown and the political left's involvement in it.

Contrary to popular belief it isn't the so-called "free market" that is responsible for the financial collapse but meddling politicians of all colours but mostly the left.

Little do those of us know in New Zealand though that the Labour Party are also developing our own future Sub-Prime meltdown.

Helen Clark and Michael Cullen have had a heavy deleterious hand in their economic buffoonery approach to our current gloomy financial condition and for the past 9 years their sticky little socialist fingers are brown with taxpayer poo trying to extract every last dollar from our pockets.

It is set to get heavier and shittier if they are returned to office.

c Share Investor & Political Animal 2008

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