Monday, September 15, 2008

Rodney Hide shapes up

I was watching a debate, Decision 08, on Prime at midnight-oh where are our prime time political shows- after the bloody good Warriors win last night.

Rodney Hide was under the grille and he managed to answer questions from Audrey Young, Barry Sopher and one of the Espiner brothers and he did well.

He actually answered questions, which is rare in ANY politician, was very statesman like and acquitted himself with dignity and grace.

His policies were ones of a smaller government, more private ownership of our personal lives, responsibility and long-term tax breaks.

Rodney seems to have filled out his political personality as his weight has dropped over the last 3 years and he is looking like a good partner in a National/ACT coalition, which looks the most likely combo given the continuation of a trend in political polls-after a month long blip-that shows National is well ahead of Labour.

His stance on the Emissions tax scam bill passed last week was well worth hearing. Rodney is one of the most qualified in the house to comment on the Global warming swindle-he has several degrees- and he is the sole finger in the wind in Parliament against GW zealots like Helen Clark, David Parker.

He might just get my vote. 

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