Friday, September 12, 2008

Labour Party Blog gets a wedgie

The Labour Party Blog, The Standard, has got its panties caught in their crack because their Prime Minister Helen Clarks official Election announcement was leaked by them yesterday, in conjunction with an advertising campaign by them, to push a Labour re-election and then scooped by this blog yesterday at 4.45 pm. 

I then opened the leak further on NewstalkZB on Danny Watson's show to hundreds of thousands of listeners at 12.15pm this afternoon. 

Helen Clark of course made her announcement at 12.50 after a long winded political diatribe that started at 12.30 and curiously kept mentioning the word "honesty" -such a lonely word, as Billy Joel often says.

Apparently other blogs have been accurately guessing the date as well and Kiwiblog apparently picked the date back in September.

Hopefully The Standard is disclosing its spend on its advertising for the Labour Party and they wont break their own Electoral Finance Act, again.

Incidentally I picked Nov 15 over a year ago.

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