Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Blood Brother unwilling to give in Glenn donation saga

D day has come for Winston Peters and the details over his donation from Owen Glenn, made to him or his party or his lawyer-the story is different whoever you talk to and what time of day it is.

The Privileges Committee sits this afternoon where Owen Glenn will give his version of events, which haven't differed in all his accounts.

Glenn has said he is there to "clear his name" whatever the consequences for the players and I don't blame him for his bluntness. He is a busy man.

The missing link in all of this though appears to be Peter's lawyer Brian Henry, Peter's "blood brother".

Henry is "overseas" and it is unclear as to whether he will be giving evidence in Peters defence tomorrow when the Privileges Committee sits again with Winnie giving his newest version of events, again.

I cant understand why a person that is supposedly at the centre of this whole scandal-Peters and Henry contend it was Henry that was the bag man, while Glenn has given affidavits that it was Peters-and a self confessed "blood brother" of Peters wouldn't be there in Winnies hour of need.

I'm guessing he isn't because his testimony would be deleterious to Peters than it already has been.

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