Wednesday, September 24, 2008

VIDEO: Michael Cullen on Socialism

A bizarre little video of Michael Cullen at a drunken Labour Party meeting in a pub somewhere.

Here he explains his reasons for being a socialist and his warped outlook on the world and how it should be.

It kind of explains his bitter stance towards successful people like John Key and his labeling of such people as "rich pricks", poking fun at them and deriding them for having a go, having aspiration and succeeding in life, instead of giving them well deserved due praise.

After having watched this I can see the reason why the working for families welfare package was rolled out-it is central, in a major way, to Labour's socialist ideals.

Of special interest is his stance on tax cuts and it flies in the face of the meagre cuts he has promised to buy votes in the 2008 election.

It is worth a look if you don't know much about this strange little man.

It should scare you.

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