Sunday, September 21, 2008

Labour Party Blog's convenient lies

The left is screaming foul at the latest polls that show the National Party maintaining a trend of leading Labour by a large margin for more than a year. 

What is clear from the large range of political polls taken is that Kiwis want a change and they want it in large numbers. 

According to the taxpayer funded Labour Party Blog, The Standard though, you could be forgiven for thinking the writers at the blog might be from a different planet or at the very least they are on p.

They blame Labours routing in the polls on everything but the untruthfulness and lies of their leader , the meddling social policy and poor economic management by Michael Cullen:

"But even this is not the full story. The methodology of this and every other phone poll has problems apart from the short survey period. It relies on land lines.."

The Standard Blog blames the lag in positive Labour polling on the fact that polls apparently use land lines.

The bit that they don't empathize, and they clearly should, is the fact that this poll has the same methodology for every party so it favours no one party over another.

They also blame a "short survey period" for polls, as if that in itself is significant at all. It simply isn't.

The left are rabid, desperate, dirty, on the run from the truth and will do and say anything to retain the purse strings to your pocket.

Polls are not necessarily deadly accurate in themselves or in isolation but what is significant is the trend in polling. The fact is that the trend for National has been a large lead over Labour for more than a year and that is what is causing the vitriol from the likes of the Labour Party blog The Standard and other leftists money grabbers.

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