Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Brian Henry continues to Perjur

Brian Henry's statements before the Privileges Committee yesterday simply defied belief.

There was no substance, no evidence and simply no truth to be found.

Instead we found a calculated decision by Henry on behalf of his client, Winston Peters, to continue the lies that have surrounded this whole donation mess since it was uncovered many, many months ago.

We had Peter's style accusations and bluster to make up for the vacuum of evidence and what shred of credibility as a lawyer that Henry had left was wiped away in the extended lie.

The individual that came out the worst yesterday was clearly Helen Clark.

She continues to hold on to Peters, and lie herself, to protect her Labour Government from collapse.

Her greed for power seems to  know no bounds and if this is her idea of trust then I must be breathing the atmosphere of Uranus and not earth.

Must be.

c Political Animal 2008



  1. Stop attacking Winston you creep.

  2. Winnie should be a goneburger mate but he might just get back in with diehard supporters of NZ First.


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