Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Obstruction of Justice by Labour a desperate move by a dying Government

Lies, cover ups, censuring of witnesses in public and now obstruction of justice.

Is this happening in a criminal case in a kangaroo court in Zimbabwe?

Well, no, we all know it is the Labour Party's attitude and actions to a justice process, in what is the highest court in the land-a Privileges Committee hearing- that makes their support of Winston Peters a look like the corrupt circus that it clearly is.

How far will these group of people go to obstruct natural justice?

Today New Zealand finds out that Parekura "Ill eat anything if it was once alive" Horomia  has threatened one member of the Committee, Pita Sharples, and urged him to vote in Peters favour:

Maori Party co-leader Pita Sharples today said a government minister, whom he would not name, rang him on Sunday and Monday to pressure the party to vote in support of Mr Peters.

Dr Sharples also said a NZ First staff member arranged a meeting with Maori MP Te Ururoa Flavell, who sits on the committee, to discuss the inquiry.   

Of course most people know that tampering with the judicial process in this way is a highly serious matter and in a civil court a contempt of court charge can be laid against the offender.

As these are politicians of course there will be no consequences.

Of course this style of politics is well known to the Labour Party, it is practised when they get backed into a corner and desperate.

Many Government and quasi government officials have been bullied out of their positions when their outlook on their job starts to differ from the party line.

Trevor Mallard manhandled Owen Glenn away from Helen Clark earlier this year, so as not to embarrass her over donations made to the Labour Party.

Michael Cullen frequently gets nasty and vindictive because of John Key's success and he has tried to bully him at every opportunity.

This latest desperate attempt at obstructing justice is really a logical escalation of Labour's modus operandi.

As they get more desperate their political maneuvering gets dirtier. Unfortunately it looks like they are going to fight the election in this way instead of with policy and that is a damn shame.

This is from a party that introduced a no-bullying policy in State schools.

What criteria did Helen Clark say the Election was to be fought on?

That's right, it was "trust".

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